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Ultra Instinct Gogeta says:

The new enemy is Monaka with Green aura, Fur and A saiyan suit.. So far i'm loving this. I guess El hermano is the one who saves Goku and sacrifices himself to defeat Monaka? Awesome!

Money buys Pizza says:

Can’t goku just press the button that Zeno gave him to get rid of this new foe?

ErikPlaysYT says:

Cute Goku 😀

кек кекус says:

Earth has goku .


goku ssj blue says:

Goku bailando cumbia o kie berga :v

Itz Hayden says:



F L says:

Spoiler: Incomplete UI wiped his ass with a green Kefla who was a fused SSJ2.

haroon miah says:

this animation/art style looks like shit wtf..cmon its 2018 not 1980s

Anish says:

Vegeta ssj5

mike Larry says:

I think the new saying is from one of the erased universe

The Man who runs your wife and always dislike says:

Well i going to explain what is happening in this movie, after the power tournament ends they wish that all universes would be restored and with the other "delete" universes that we don't know yet (the evil ones). So they want reveange against Zeno-sama and the angels.

In other words, the real battle of gods will come in 2019 or 2020, meanwhile we have this movie.

Dbzfan2737373 says:

These “I like this animation better then super” comments are getting old now like it’s a new generation give super a break

Esteban XIX says:

Animacion de mierda parece juan pies

OnePunch Jiren says:

The opponent is definitely sayain

Huffer Minibot says:

Its the Farmer with Shotgun taking revenge of Goku since Raditz beat him years ago.

exterminator gaming says:

But the dialogue where it says earth has goku is so lit😍😍

elpromasterkillerby sanchez says:

it's time to migatte no gokui kaioken

Sam Philipsen says:

Lol homosexual

Inferno9k says:

Just wish the sound was hd

DIKSAN ‏‏‏ says:

what is the name of the background music ?

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