Dragon Ball Super – Official Movie Teaser

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“Well, time to get started.” Coming soon to theaters, the new Dragon Ball Super movie!

©Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation


Norman LaddleSchnitzel says:

The mission to fully kill Dragon Ball hits its climax!!!!! stay tuned next for dragon ball super super where goku fights the angels to keep them from killing the gods of destruction and merging the universes into one!!!! Also Fuck you!!!!!!

Jon Ill says:

I just don't see how people believe this is Goku. Goku would never start off fighting the main villain in base form especially after he powered up plus he have the power pole. Goku is probably the reincarnation of Yamoshi and Vegeta is the reincarnation of the main villain. I think the guy is SSj4 and Yamoshi dosen't know about SSj at the time but knows SSG

Irrelevant Oaf says:

Great another monkey…

BestInTheWorld 92 says:

It's Probably a Legendary Super Saiyan?

Kreeps United says:

Looks old school, design wise.

JJ Gutierrez says:

You think when 17 said "restore all the universe to how they were they also brought back planet Vegeta???

meme lord says:

the art style looks like the fighter z

IcomeFrom2050 says:

Well who ever this guy is he seems to have the same green aura as Broly and Kale, maybe the true legendary god ssj?

David Amajor says:

The animation looks like Lupin 111

Daniel Owenes says:

Ay is that broly

Trakezward Ward says:

Loving the animation

tanika hatcher says:


Mr Drake says:

Vegeta just wearing his Halloween costume

GamerMLG says:

"To be the strongest begins".
Is this fake?

deuxdbot says:

It’s coming out in May 31, 2018!!!

Michael Walters says:

who tryna see this in theaters once it's released 👀?

ilovebeingtheultimatebrony1234 says:

wow look at all these fucking gayass weebs here everyone knows anime fucking sucks ass god you weebs are so fucking cringe worthy you all need to die

Maneatta Jefferson says:

Yo this is going to be lit

steelyfanz675 says:

What is this kingdom hearts bullshit

MikeyP Savage says:

vegeta and gohan are fodder

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