Dragon Ball XenoVerse Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay PS4 Before Xenoverse 2 Review 1080p HD

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Dragon Ball XenoVerse (officially abbreviated as Dragon Ball XV) is a video game based on the Dragon Ball media franchise.[3] It was released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and will be released for Microsoft Windows via Steam. Players can create characters from multiple races, with the ones available being Saiyans, Namekians, Earthlings, Majins and Frieza’s currently unnamed race.[4] XenoVerse is the first Dragon Ball game released on some eighth generation consoles. It is also the third Dragon Ball game to feature character creation. The first being Dragon Ball Online, the second being Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi.

Unlike the previous games of the series that usually follow the original Dragon Ball canon, “XenoVerse” will feature an entire new story, including a player created character [6] only ever also seen in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball Online. The 2014 V-Jump #7, which announces the game, draws attention to a mysterious figure watching the first battle between Goku and Vegeta from the shadows. With red hair, a scouter, and the Capsule Corporation logo on his sleeve, this character’s identity was not clear. However, after some time it was revealed that this mysterious warrior is in fact a created character, thus confirming character creation for Dragon Ball XenoVerse. Another returning character is Time Patrol Trunks from Dragon Ball Online, who helps you restore time. Two new areas are also showcased: a completely new Hyperbolic Time Chamber-like area named the Time Storage Vault,[8] and the other being a high-tech city with what appears to be a Time Machine landed on it. The story is revealed to be about two villains named Towa and Mira manipulating history, Time Patrol Trunks summoning a hero using Shenron to help him (the player being the hero) with the hero being tasked with restoring the timeline. The story borrows many elements from Dragon Ball Online, including Towa and Mira manipulating time, and Time Patrol Trunks trying to restore the timeline with the player’s help.


cool kids says:

Go to the botol

die mannequin says:

Im not criticising but 18 &17 arnt robots they are cyborgs witch got translated wrong into androids 18 and 17 didnt "convert" into humans they were humans turn into "androids" even 18 explains it .just watch the end of the cell saga.

power stars says:

use atribute points

Devin Weston says:

When you where fighting kid Buu that was super saiyn 3

Shady Lokz says:

Your stupid like your walkthrough does not make what so ever since redo.

Bismarck Cooper says:

How do you not know what super sayin 3 is!

Tremain Clay says:

You are good one game video

Dominic Pickett says:

Thanks man!! I was stuck for 45 damn minutes in the beginning it trying to find out where to go.

malikia the hunter bennett says:

Road to 1 m

Gots Gotsoo says:

ci yasan olon yum chalchdag sta ww

super sayain carlos says:

It is not fire ball it is ki blast

Mystic Yamcha says:

Watch my xenoverse 2 video plz

sk8rman632 says:

This game is such garbage. Doesn't tell you what it wants you to do.

james king says:

wow awesom video. Look at my fantastic article also – https://psychocanopy.com/dragon-ball-xenoverse/

Nova Bomb says:

omg your person is the exact same as mine

Saeed Janjua says:

Super sayin 3

Ssjtrunks God says:

I killed future android 18

Mike T says:

i choosed a black. Saiyan

Sofie Mikesova says:

I got the game for chrismas. ive gotten past ape vegeta.

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