Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga Power Levels

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Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga Power Levels


SethTheProgrammer – Power Levels (Dragonball Z Cell Saga)

Songs used:

Desert Voices – Tobu

Vibe With Me – Joakim Karud

Adventures – A Himitsu | SoundCloud



Ichigo Kurosaki says:

5:15 Vegeta (Ultra Super Saiyan), Not Semi Perfect Cell Duh 😀

butterfly cupcakes says:

Gohan ssj2 was the strongest in cell saga

renald ray says:

I don't think this is accurate

Big Chungus says:

Tien is above first form cell?

Nicholas Ali says:

There is no confirmed power level for future cell before absorbing everyone

Alaa m. says:

Gohan was 110 Billion when he defeated Cell WTF 😨😨😨🔥

TeW33zy says:

Goku never had a ascended saiyen in cell saga

TeW33zy says:

These numbers are not right

Rodrigo Corona says:

this is the worst power level comparison I've ever seen. It makes no sense AT ALL

Ray says:

is king cold stornger than frieza? you sure that is not just a guess?

Lima De Rozario says:

what is th3 song nwme

Aiden The Hegehog says:

Yamchas power level is not 60000 its -90000000000000000

Aiden0075 says:

7:55 IT SAYS Mastered super sayian

LenyStrash says:

tien 3 milliard xD

Tri-Force Phoenix Master says:

Don't forget when piccolo was on planet namek he fused with Nails when he was about to die.

HoboAssistant says:

If you look at it turn could’ve probably of killed off the androids when he first fought them with Neo Tri-beam

Ken Kaneki says:

Ok please stop making power levels becoz

Aryan Singh says:

2:38 | I am a Vegeta fan.

Guilherme João says:

What is HTC?

エネシン says:


[…] The fact of needing to return to the past is a pattern that is repeated from the Androids and the Cell's saga. If this wasn't for such events, there would be no recurring bridge between the misfortune that […]

[…] and Toppo. It is curious that we talk about life dealing with an android but remember that in the Saga of Cell it was established that once revived who's cell killed, all returned with human properties and […]

[…] is sneaky and intelligent like Piccolo. His semi perfect form is very arrogant like Vegeta and his perfect form is very laid-back and has a little obsession with fighting people like Goku and so on. In an […]

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