DragonBall FighterZ Bardock Full Character Tutorial

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DragonBall FighterZ Bardock Full Character Tutorial

DragonBall FighterZ Bardock Full Character Tutorial

Complete DragonBall FighterZ Bardock Full Character Tutorial on video made to help some of you get familiar with Bardock in preparation for getting your hands on the character yourself!.

Bardock is one of the two new characters entering the fray in Dragonball FighterZ without a standard projectile he’s mostly based around up close combat with multiple supers and special moves that help him close in the space to lay on the pressure.

Thanks to Bandai Namco UK we were able to get some time alone with Bardock to break down his moveset for you people at home.

When it comes to normal keys Bardock skill blasts are the only forms of projectiles he has further establishing that he’s an up-close fighter. The assist Bardock has a straight forward punch that leaves the opponent standing and has really fast effective start for extending combos. Three of his attacks involves a charge that changes angle depending on strength, also the light version is faster and covers great distance in a straight line. Medium attack will go diagonally upwards heavy can hit twice if you press an attack button after the first hit connects.

DragonBall FighterZ Bardock High Tech Skills

Bardock can perform these in the air which naturally goes hand-in-hand with ending combos that allows Bardock to knock the opponent down with spinning punches. The great benefit here is that the medium and heavy version will cause a splat knockdown allowing for setups or a super power for more damage again this special move can be performed airborne allowing you to end combos without having to simply use a jumping heavy.

Bardock will use an enhanced version that’s much easier to calm or whilst it’s more difficult to perform combos into the charged version stand alone you can always use an assist with lots of hits done to close the gap so you can combo off it as normal and obtain impressive damage.

Let’s talk about the super moves. Unlike most of the cast Bardock has two level ones and then a level three and all three of these can be done whilst airborne first riot javelin is performed with two three six r1 an impressively fast projectile by itself and can be aimed either straight forward or to agonal e in the air whilst airborne it can be thrown either straight or diagonally down his second level one is performed with two three six r2 and is called Saiyan spirit Bardock will charge towards the opponent and will either hit once or twice its range dependent two hits if it lands up close and one hit if it connects from a further distance there are two things about this super off the bat the first is that it’s totally invincible this means it can be used as a wake-up attack or a reversal in general if the opponent isn’t respecting your defensive options secondly.

DragonBall FighterZ Bardock can press an attack button after it connects to finish the Super with a riot javelin for extra damage this of course costs a bar of ki games but it’s going to be more than worth it if it will take down a character and last level 3 revenge assault he will transform and then charge fullscreen the damage is what you’d expect and the benefit once more as that can be done whilst in the air on the subject of airborne supers it’s incredibly useful that all three of these work whilst in the air much like Vegeta.

Using Barcok you have the option to super into tag or simply cash out with your damage regardless of your combo situation it’s very very useful.

There are a couple of things to point out with Bardock when starting out as well first of all whilst his auto combo looks as simple as you’d expect it’s similar to Goku blue and that the second hit of this auto combo will bounce the opponent up and allow for an instant air forward – this means you can get some nice little extensions from a light confirm and on the subject of lights bar docks – L or low light does in fact hit as a low meaning that the opponent has to watch their toes otherwise they’re getting opened up and at last use an assist with prolonged hits done to extend your same spirits at the end of combos the damage will definitely thank you for it that just about wraps things up for this introduction to Bardock he’s a lot of fun to play and seems perfect for those wanting to get up close and personal we definitely can’t wait to see what the community cooks up when it comes to optimizing his gameplay at high level.

If you’re a fan of this video make sure that you check out our introduction to Brolly as well which will be coming shortly after he is the second DLC character.

Intro/Outro created by Pixelflare Studios: https://twitter.com/pixelflaregfx

Intro/Outro Music created by Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike

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PNDK&M says:

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falsehero2001 says:

Oh look. Basically another Goku recolor.

Howya Doin says:

0:15 Wow I never expected the voice actor to sound so damn weak in his screams.

Searchman ____ says:

Meh, best voice for me is Goku Black in Japanese.

Pioxys says:

YES I'm all about rushing down my opponents like a madman,
and they giving this to BARDOCK. My favorite character in Dragonball.

It's like they made bardock especially for people like me.

a generous lover says:

Oh look, fighterz has another goku 😒

thechanzs17 says:

is it free?

Marcus Morish says:

Bardock Vegeta and Trunks is my team now.

Majin Ryuusei says:

Bardock Nappa and Broly are going to be my Sayian team

Jordon Chang says:

Why do you have two sparking blast icons?

NocturnalJez says:

Bardock and Adult Gohan would be an AMAZING combination

john1120 says:

Bradock move tho "Saiyan spirit" lmao.

john travolta says:

236, 412 what even are these numbers?

NyanDiamond says:

yup….he is replacing my teen gohan now….just like i wanted him to when he was revealed

Exceed YourLimit says:

His dub sounds a bit lame…well still better than that mess of japanese dub.

RengokuGS says:

Intro song midi name please?

Betomoiz says:

why is there one extra sparking blast?

Golden Retro Gamer says:

Ooooh bardock Ik down for thay

EnvyDesire says:

I hate the fact Bardock can turn into a Super Saiyan. It's not canon with the storyline, but the very idea of it was dumb. I'm still excited to use him.

Kindakoolbutfail Games says:

Do you recomend im for point, assist or anchor?

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