DragonBall FighterZ – Getting Started: Broly

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Broly armours his way into DragonBall FighterZ on March 28th. Thanks to Bandai Namco UK, we were able to get some exclusive footage of Broly, and put together an introduction video you you folks at home.

Intro/Outro created by Pixelflare Studios: https://twitter.com/pixelflaregfx

Intro/Outro Music created by Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike

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Irarius D says:

they nailed broly,

falsehero2001 says:

His power level is MAXIMUM.

Majin Ryuusei says:

0:50 Nice

Cynikit Gaming says:

Yamcha is gonna have fun shreeding through that armor I bet

Lightbringer says:

It doesn't seem like there's any real benefit to the R2 Level 3 super.

Dusk278 says:

Oh look another top tier with armor, grabs, and lots of tools. A fine addition to my collection

Sam Ramos says:

i prefer the japanese laugh being so much better

Isu says:

How can you have 2 sparking icons on one side?

ProjectJ says:

With all that armor, Broly's gonna be a serious rookie killer, but he looks tough to optimize at a high level.

NahyehBro says:

l wish Broly had more slaming and shield break moves like how he was in the movie..Similar to how 16 dunks Broly should of had move where he slams them.into the ground with 1 hand and finish off with super that destroys everything

Alcool Tabac says:

English dub sucks T_T

Youtube Police says:

I can't wait to take Broly into the training room

Normz Beatz says:

contact me if you need royalty free music for your channel

Justin Alvira says:

This video makes me a bit more hopeful than other introductions to Broly that I have seen.

PetarBlade Štrok says:

These videos are amazing. I really hope you do the same for all the future DLC characters! Love the detail and everything!

Hansel Roman says:

Oh my God Broly is so cool!!!

pololoco89 says:

Oh… my… GOOOOOD!

RamblinRob says:

Broly: Kakarot. I am going to kill you.

begins fighting vegeta

Cloud Symbiote says:

Why you have two sparking???😮

MillionShadesofDarkness says:

any footage of brolys dramatic finish?

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