Dragonball Funniest Moments

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All those good memories!!

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Mayank Gupta says:

Your body makes you look fat ..your mask makes you look stupid

Mayank Gupta says:

2 hidden balls

Chris Guerrero says:

Goku: yamacha I think I can get him if I jump through that window

yamacha: that's a TV set you dummy.

Noble CombatGAMES says:

Goku is a legend at this

Rash O'Reilly says:

6:49 astro boy?

Rexy Does Whatever He Wants says:

1:16 not in that way goku

Usha Dalvi says:

6:40 he was gg

Christina Queen says:

Nice to see the Japanese were just as racist as every other race when it comes to black people. Sarcasm

Rio Winaryo says:

Should Mai be a lot younger in here cause she is a child in Dragon ball as super?

thebrunssss says:

We gonna legit ignore how launch was straight up wearing nike

Son Goku says:

People give Krillin crap for being weak but
there is an obvious gap in power and Goku's race gave him the advantage from the start the fact that Krillin has been able to keep up with the other z fighters is actually impressive being the only human, other than Yamcha (who is a pathetic excuse for a z warrior), that also had to keep up with Tien, Chaotzu, Picollo and Goku.

shaleigha75 says:

I died laughing at 2:00

Ultra Instinct Goku says:

1:50 #mr.popo's wife

ShawnTD says:

Ahh yes! Classic Dragon Ball was the best

ItzSaucey Yt says:

Is it just me or do u guys miss the old days of dragon ball…..

Dont get me wrong dbs is really good

Funtimeboy 515 says:

The 1k disliker

MCYT Pro says:

how 2 fuck someone when get kidnapped

Santiago González says:

well, the Gipsy was right, Goku's balls did hold the keys to his future xD.

The Infernogamer555 says:

My magic finger says it’s somewhere on the ceiling

Hey Tinaay says:

Enttäuschend: bei 11:23 min. sagen die in der deutschen Fassung:
"Ein toller Kampf."
– "Schade, dass Krillin vor Schreck aus dem Ring gefallen ist. Den beiden hätte man gern noch länger zugeschaut."
– "Die richtig guten Kämpfe sind meistens zu kurz."

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