Dragonball heroes episode 1 English subbed

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watch ultra instinct vegito vs broly – https://youtu.be/hZ0-86IZr3w

if you are going to dislike this video bcoz of bad subtitles then please check the YouTube caption subtitles (CC) and please subscribe if you want to watch all the future episodes with better subtitles

guyzz the length of full episode is about 8 mins, but i merged 3 episodes….but you just need to watch from beginning to 8-9 mins and if you have any disappointment then please dm me on my Instagram-“dbheroes” …….


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MXT anime says:

100% accurate new subtitles in cc

TheMostHighReignsForever says:

All just complaining jeez I like this dragon ball heroes

DarkNight 7661987 says:

2:51 kakoroto!!!!!!!

allicia barnett says:

Orochimaru keeping on teenagers agin

Andrei John Cunanan says:


Idrees Sattar says:

His power level's over 9000000000

Anime4life 005 says:

So is this supposed to be after dragon ball super because i am so confused right now.

ChasV K says:

This may not be correct, but I just love how Goku beams immediately after hearing Super Saiyan 4

Joel Lastra says:

Terrible subtitles

monkey .D.luffy says:

awesome due

Arui says:

Repeatedly comin the same thing 😠😠😠😠😠

Seven 707 says:

da fak! is this fanmade? pls tell it to me asap

Hector Hernandez says:

Dang we are so behind we are still in super

hueman carvajal says:

Wuau wuau mxt

Inkato says:

Can someone explain Dbh to
me i’ve never really understood it or watched it, what really is it?

Kartik Kamath says:

Why did you have to put the same episode thrice?

Godking Loks says:

Sooo somebody fill me in. Why are there 2 Gokus?

DrumLord111 says:

Are GT Goku an alternate version of Canon Goku from a parallel universe?

Zire Co says:

is this fan made?

Justin Jones says:

You're an idiot for subbing this with white. Can't even read half of what it says

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