Dragonball Z Episode 1 Part 3/3

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The First episode ever of Dragonball Z part 2 out of 3. If you would like to see more anime, click the link below.



Davyonn Jewell says:

kakarot is a bitch

Eliezer Palomino says:

I love the original voices in dub

natan selivain says:

why krillin didnt used distractu disc wtf

Hing-Cheong Choi says:

Be real, Raditz. If Goku didn't grew up together with him since his childhood, there is no way he can consider or accept him as brother especially they're not in the same path.

Jack Aboy says:

I am now calling vagita vagitured

HeroOfHyrule26 says:

Can you upload some more of these, please? Thank you

Top Frog says:

Well, Goku and Vegeta are good.

Andres M says:

The best nostalgic dub i saw when it came out.

Yung Tone says:

He said Goku could've destroyed every one on earth in a few yrs.
Im sure it would take less than a day.

Huzaifah Malik says:

episode 1 part 1

Samantha Kane says:

what the heck!!!

coldblast666 says:

This is notDragon Ball Z

kagen says:

why goku lose to raditz? and frieze lose to goku? so now raditz should be more powerful than frieza. why his not stopping frieza at the first place..LOL

MrHighlySensitive says:

3 year ago to him, we don't know how long he has been traveling to earth.


They were the most powerful army in the planet trade even though they were the strougest. at the time they were no match for frezia

Beltharus666 says:

please please please tell me where to find the download for the original episodes???? i hate the redubs!! raditz' voice sucks in the new ones.

Azhar Khan says:

want part 1 of 1/3

PieDrinker says:

Happy Birthday!

amg says:

no lol this dub was released in 1998 and the original "actual" episode was released in 1989

amg says:

this is a dub. a 60-80 percent accurate dub so there's lots of mistakes like that one. he didn't say that in the original script or manga lol

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