Dragonball Z Raging Blast 2 – Goku & Vegeta VS Movie Villains

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Thanks for checking out this video. I wanted to recreate some DBZ movie fun. If you like daily gaming content consider subscribing!
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I’m Flik, a professional gaming commentator from Scotland, and I produce at least one gaming related video on YouTube per day. Thanks for checking this one out.


Johari Brown says:

Is this even on hard? But to be fair I played it on hard and it was still easy.

Prise_500 says:

Ahh so this is why i subscribed to u for
Good times

Daniel Kreeger says:

5:36 D'oh I missed

matt 101 says:

Ahh memorys

Amberly Cooper says:

I fused with gold super sayain 3! So cool 😎 thanks

DKM says:

game was pretty lit

H. Art says:

This game is great, but a little bit too complicated. It's pretty hard to be good.

Ultra Instinct Goku says:

Is Broly a Movie Villain

Blanca Sanabria says:

megusto mucho

goku super Saiyan God says:

You no my name

Alexandre Sousa says:

Esse jogo e pra qual video game ? Ps2,ps3,xbox qual??

Fábio Malheiros says:

o goku usou kaioken com kamehameha

Josiah Bullock says:

I want this game so badly

Superzoneman Supercoolhulk says:

At 3:08 u can see Goku is hitting tha guy in the no no spot lol

Rosames Reis says:

Have for phone ? Have the recents forms

Heracross X says:

My first RB2 video.

Luciene Rodrigues says:

Bom e muito

Ticci Toby Fan💗💗💗 says:

is this for xbox 360 or for ps3 or for ps4?? because i really want too KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Green says:

yes I meant the game

Jason Green says:

drop it off to my house I live in Acworth

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