Everything GOOD & BAD In Dragon Ball Super’s Ending

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The GOOD AND BAD of Dragon ball Returns! The Dragon Ball Super ending for Episode 131 is in the books. What can we say about Dragon Ball Super’s finale? How good was episode 131? Was this a good ending for the tournament of power? How good was the fight of Goku Frieza and Android 17 vs Jiren? Was Android 17’s wish a good one? Let’s discuss it all in this anime and manga related video about the tournament of power today!




Bball Gamer says:

Is this the last vid where you say spoiler alerts?? I know your tired of it lol

moonsmonsters says:

130 episodes and we still don't know shit about Grand Priest, Zenos, his guards, everything will be alright as long as Goku and the dragon balls are around. I think it was badass how they brought back 17 , and his time up until winning. They did him so good. That's 1 character and they had probably a little over a 100 (including angels, God's, etc)

DSWynne says:

Come on, dude. We all know that the characters would come back, once it was all over. I was pleasantly surprised that it was NOT Goku who made the wish to restore the Universes. And to me, I don't mind "happy endings". If I wanted "bad endings", I'd re-watch PARANOIA AGENT, which had a good "bad ending".

B1gman Assassin says:

Exactly my thoughts right after the episode ending i was like wow all that was for nothing what a waste of time and my mom got mad saying why won’t they let anyone die in dragonball lol

BigED1234 says:

I did not like super. The final sucks!!!!!

Orange Juice Simpson says:

I get what you're saying, the ending was cheesy and a little forced. However, it had to be the way it was bc the timeline was between the buu saga and the the tournament that pan fought in. It had to be that way to fit in with the dragon ball series. Maybe they could have made it less forced, but the end result had to be peace. Plus everyone loves a happy ending right? Good video though.

Paul Smith says:

I would say that the ending to me it was too cliche and it's been done before you know I would have wanted a twist on episode 1 30 instead of being an Android 17 back which I do agree he is the MVP of the 20-minute it will be a Monumental twist to bring cell or pykon into this mix it would have blow everybody's mind.

Docta Wahwee says:

my only complaint is that it was rushed. still a fantastic last episode

NWOLIFE4 says:

I really loved this epiosde Goku and Freiza that was awesome 🙂

NWOLIFE4 says:

Did Future Trunks Timeline wish back to ?

Malik Seifullah says:

Hey Qaaman. I did want to point out that everything was not happy about this ending. I do notice that when Universe 6 was resurrected that there is no sign of Frost do he really did get erased

Fictional Dreams says:

That finale gave me cancer…
And the brain damage…
And the brain damage!

Florida Made says:

There's a deeper meaning of what Zeno actually wanted when it came to the wish, which is what you said you hated

Florida Made says:

You obviously missed what Great Priest told Beerus and the Kais. Just be happy an satisfied with what we got bro you sound like you hate it.

timothy soper says:

When you mentioned 17 wanted to cruise around the world and said he could have just asked Bulma. Was that a instead of having the idea for that wish he could have just asked her for that for being in the tournament? I just wasn’t sure if you saw that Bulma did let 17 take her cruise ship in the end. Keep on dishing out the content dude !

Kevin D. Najera says:

I was hoping they wouldn't bring back all the universes, perhaps bringing back universe 6 would've been good. Or wishing for all erased universes to come back and having some unwanted universes back to set up for the movie or future arcs. But bringing back all the universes does make the whole excitement and sadness of seeing universes gone a little empty :/

ProeliiatorProDeus says:

17 got his boat. That's all I cared about

dreadrath says:

Guess that's the downside of the show being downgraded to a little kids show. It used to be for a verity of ages. So this kind of ending doesn't surprise me at all. I do like it in some aspect, but you're also right in that it leaves one feeling empty and that the whole tournament is utterly pointless.

jvjd says:

ANDROID 17 WON the tournament lol, imagine that

Ivan Alonso says:


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