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This is goodbye….for now….. Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Reaction…… SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY!

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CantStopAmani says:

And in the end…. The Goku vs Vegeta fandom war continues!

#TeamVegeta ✊🤘😁

Isen Goga says:

Great video man! Loved the ending and look forward to what the future holds for DB. Quick question, where would I be able to purchase a kefla v UI Goku poster like yours?

douglas lima says:

react beelzebub

Donutarcade33 says:

“Oh no, oh my god, not an inspirational speech”-Amani 😂 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

SRamseyS - Gaming says:

Great reaction. True db fan

KilluaZoldyck says:

allright well see them again amani

Fortnite Zaik says:

Ahh, Damn.. Such a good Series… Also such good Reactions we had with you on DBS! Hope it comes back and also you come back with them DBS Reactions! 😂

Travis McCombs says:

No. No. No. Thank you.

Bolt Action Specialist says:

That intro thooi

Lord Omega says:

Remember, Frieza was at the level of SSB Goku in 4 months

Josiah King says:

Wow good dang episode

Anthony C says:

Android 17 won the Royal Rumble and went to Wrestlemania. Great episode and reaction.

dannybob42 says:

As Dragonball endings go, this was a great ending, one of the best seeing as Goku isn’t disappearing god knows where. It’s not shy of ‘really?’ Moments like Goku being unable to use UI despite mastering it, Vegeta forgetting Blue 2, Whis being able to revive people like he’s Shenron, no word from Hit etc.
I feel like they could’ve pushed for an hour special and used it for the aftermath, so more than a montage. But still, good open ending and a movie to look forward to as well

Aaron Rowland says:

One of the greatest Dragon ball super episodes I've ever seen 💙💙💙💙


U missed the freiza after credit scene


I hope its time for faith/zero now

TheUltimateBeing 01 says:

Honestly, Jiren should have won. He was a beast! He dominated EVERYONE in this tournament! They could have had Jiren win then wish all the universes back after realizing the value of having family and friends! It would have been a way to evolve his character, shock the audience AND reverse all the universes being erased!

DBS writers can't write worth a damn

TheUltimateBeing 01 says:

Won't lie. I teared up at the end. Don't know why….

1.8T•views Ninja says:

6:43 that facebruh

magic box says:


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