Future Trunks Attacks Goku | Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 English Dub

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Future Trunks Attacks Goku | Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 English Dub

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Justin Arvelo says:

Who ready for the new episode tomorrow nigh

ChronicxNimbus420 says:

Trunks tries to attack Goku..
Goku: fuck you think you doing boi

Vincent Whittaker says:

Come to think of it why didn’t they go get future trunks for the tournament of power

John Stark says:

I feel like the sub version was better. At least this part

Jesse Cardiel says:

This would have been better if he went super sayin 2

xxDreVeRt says:

I feel black voice should be a bit lighter

Bomberboy 1787 says:

1:17 “Sensu bean!”

Deathnotekeeper says:

2:45 Beerus like "da fuck bro"

Brandon Scott says:

2:06 when you see your ex with a new guy in public.

kill turtleman says:

Can someone sub to my youtube channel

Saiyan Slasher says:

When the first son that the young brother doesn't know about comes home in bad shape.

Anthony Vasquez says:

Goku should’ve worn a T-shirt that says I’m not Goku black

Marcus Rodriguez says:

If Bulma is as smart as the show portrays her to be…then why hasn't she make artificial senzu beans??? I'm pretty sure she has the smarts to do so ….she does give the best head tho



John Smith says:

Imagine if Trunks went ssj3 in this scene and started smacking base Goku around lol

-Zukovia - says:

Goku black looks more fat than goku


Vegeta is a awesome fielder what a catch

Jonas L Wu says:

First tie DBZ watchers, GOKU IS BAD< HE DESTROYED THE WHOLE WORLD, laster, he's good again???

Kevin Vince says:

If i was goku i would have knocked
trunks tf out swinging on me like his balls dropped 💀

Jevon James says:

2:40 when the bad kid saids f you to the teacher

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