God of Destruction Toppo! Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Preview

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Gohan and Dyspo ELIMINATED! Now, its down to 4! 17 and Frieza vs Toppo and Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren continue as Universe 7 vs Universe 11 is the final bout! But wait, Toppo becomes a God of Destruction? How STRONG is Toppo? Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Predictions!

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Multiverse Guardian /Chance says:

But listen just listen ok we all know how strong goku is ok he made ALL the other gods SCARED ok now if toppo is a canadite for the god of destruction but if goku make the gods as of now you know toppo was shitting his pants ok and I know goku is a canadite for a god also so toppo and goku could be pretty compatible for being gods and if they both become gods then I think they would be great friends idk but it's just a little comment and a topic I wanted to kinda touch on oh and still goku is probably stronger because plot armor –(0_0)

Alpha O. says:

Well Toppo seems to be amazing but I have the feeling that C17 has an hidden power. There is no doubt that he could do more than escaping, activating the barrier and random release energy attacks. My bet is that C17 will not be owned so easily as it could be predicted…. Cannot wait for the next episode! =)

84 Tubbs says:

Only motherfukers that are going to be left is Geron and Goku and that's it

84 Tubbs says:

Man f*** previewing this s*** where's the f**** episode at

Adrian Abromaitis says:

Geekdom did you ever make a video about why goku couldn’t escape the energy of destruction?

codename7000 says:

They are fucked toppo God of destruction and Jiren

Spuddzilla says:

God of Destruction Lorax

Beneficialitificul says:

So it looks like episode 125 was taken down? At least on YouTube. All I can bring up is reviews and previews. Anybody see it? o.O

Michael Mathen K says:

Adds nowdays ..

Snowy Alfie27 says:

i gave this a dislike because he keeps pausing it and he keeps taking to . he could of had that bit of the preview on loop in the background so people can actly see the preview. he could just talk in the background over the preview.

that's my opinion please like if you agree with me and sorry if I got a word wrong its because I cant spell it k baiiiii

Festivex Festive says:

This happens when you mess with the trees!!!!

J Ok says:

Spoilers: What’s actually going to happen is Vegeta wins the tournament. Every story arc, he always ends up on the sidelines watching Goku save the day, and this time the tables will finally be reversed. Vegeta will finally get what he has been dreaming for. As Goku gets eliminated, he is going to tell Vegeta, “you are the strongest now. It’s all on you..please.” Vegeta will look on at Kakarot as he falls into the abyss and as he turns to face Jiren, he will refuse to accept his inferiority. As he powers up one final blast, he will use the Kamehameha wave to honor Goku, who he has gained so much respect for over the years, “You can take everything away from me…my Bulma, my Trunks, the entire universe, but there’s one thing you can’t take away…A SAIYANS PRIDE!!!” Jiren will release all of his energy, but Vegeta’s blast breaks through every barrier Vegeta has always been held back by. After the rubble clears, The Prince, battled and bruised, is the only one left standing. A huge flash of light spreads over the arena and the next image is Vegeta back at his home watching Cabba and Trunks train together. Beerus comes up behind him, “You wished for Universe 6 back.” Vegeta turns back in shock, “You remember, I thought only I could remember what happened.” Beerus smiles, “I’m a god.” Vegeta smiles back. Screen cuts to black.

Charlie Williams says:

I believe in the end it's going to be vegeta goku vs jiren and toppo unless vegeto or gogeta appear

EnkidoE says:

Toppo god of destruction reminds me of the tekken 5 final boss guy.

Charlie Williams says:

both Frieza and 17 gone Toppo going in on both of them watch it

Alex Lim says:

I think Toppo was just holding back during the zen exhibition match.

Mike Hill says:

Ultra stink vigito vs god of destruction topo at jiren who s win

Cato Sicarius says:

toppo went full broly mode

cavlitos says:


AizenSamaKing X says:

Frieza will surpass Toppo very soon. ^___^
Can't wait. If you think Frieza is finished, I don't know what to tell you…
And if Vegeta is the one to defeat Toppo, incoming Super Saiyan Blue 2. I always thought SSJB2 could contend with Beerus based on the fact that Beerus was nervous of a little kai-o-ken against Hit. If not super saiyan blue 2, then something higher yet different from ultra instinct. My bet is still on Frieza though.

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