Gohan Sacrifice Himself To Eliminate Dyspo | Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 English Sub

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Gohan Sacrifice Himself To Eliminate Dyspo | Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 English Sub

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Abdul Azeez N.M says:

Gohan's Hands: Omai wa shinderu

Dypso: NANI?!

UchihaSaslta says:

Here’s a fact. Gohan is the only saiyan in the tournament that didn’t achieve a new form

Caulifla – SS2
Kale – Berserk
Kefla – SS2 Berserk
Goku – UI
Vegeta – That new blue form
Cabba – SS2

Michael Stevens says:

The best part of this is goku looking up at gohan and acknowledging the work he put in that got them this far. Gohan got rid of everyone who had some gimmick or trick not obvious to everyone

ΩmegaZeoxys says:

I have one answer for all of this hate: POWER FANTASY

a hecking man says:

Lol 1000th like XD

teene baladjay says:

0:36 its gohan

1spacemannsam says:

Why didn't gohan turn super sayian?

Cremudgen Guy says:

too bad gohan is trash compared to 17 even tho that makes 0 snes

Nick Lancial says:

at least when Gohan sacrificed himself to take out an enemy he didn't die lol

Christopher Carter says:

The look on Dyspo face and how he said "nani!" Had me upside the fuck down laughing extra hard.

Jo Garcia says:

What about the new Gohan form that was being hinted at?
What about the visit to Planet Sadala?
Do the Saiyans ever find out that Beerus authorized the destruction of Planet Vegeta?
Do they ever meet Uub?
Does Yamcha ever get married?

So many unanswered questions…

Ashish Nayak says:

0:12 Like father Like son

Aaron Blue says:

Gohan isn't even weak. He could have been finished dyspo off but he was holding back and wasn't giving it his all.

True entertainer says:

I am crying for gohan😭😭😭

01100100 01100001 01110010 01101011 says:

where did his bang go

Alesandro E. says:

Gohan has so much potential, I just wish DBS would make the series last longer for them to do so with Gohan, like make him defeat another epic enemy once again

kellbellsparkles says:

Frieza: I get to cap both of them! 😀 what a day to be alive….. present!

gearhead093 says:

Ost when Gohan grabbed Dyspo?

Taetis Azuto says:

>frieza lost energy and grip but had enough energy for that giant blast

True entertainer says:

I wanted to see gohan beat toppo ass🤧😓😓😓

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