Goku Black vs Future Trunks – English Dub

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Goku Black - Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black – Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black has killed almost all human beings and with them Bulma, who’s the scientific mind behind the time machine. Trunks feels hopelessness for not having his greatest ally at his side. Thanks to Bulma’s willing to save the earth Trunks got the ammount of energy enough to travel one more time to the past.

Trunks lets Mai know of Bulma’s death, and they go to find a way to the past when Goku Black intercepts them killing Mai

Trunks realises that Black’s able to track on him easily. Suddenly a huge ammount of destructive energy appears and a fiercy brutal battle starts. The enemy form looks very terrifying causing Trunks to be overwhelmed by such power and leaving Trunks without any chance to save Mai from the evil enemy after she tried to protect Trunks from his beam attacks.

Unfortunately, Trunks has to suffer seeing another loved one die in front of him. Trunks has to deal with this repeatedly through the multiple states of time that the universe of events of the future takes place. The fact of needing to return to the past is a pattern that is repeated from the Androids and the Cell’s saga. If this wasn’t for such events, there would be no recurring bridge between the misfortune that continually accompanies the future of the Z Warriors.

In the same way the truth that prevails to everything is that Trunks has never given up because the spirit of struggle and protection that surrounds his heart counts with the fierceness and courage that his father and mother have engendered in him, making him the warrior of hope

Goku Black Facts

Goku Black meets all the requirements that a super villain can have. Infinite ability to increase his powers and a large amount of destructive energy whose main feature is to be the counterpart of Goku’s, character whose spirit has been the creation model of such a villain, worthy of being depicted as an anti-god.




Simona Lungu says:

Future Trunks vs Albedo | English Dub

Kayla300 says:

I fell bad for trunks

Matthew Archer says:

What if Goku black was a good guy would he help Goku beat jiren

Adrian_ Nighthunter says:

You know at first i thought that was Goten when i first see the episode.

XxBlack MessorxX says:

That is how you introduce a villain

Hari Gunawan says:

That Ki blast slice animation was freaking awesome

DoctorLazers says:

Funimation is my preferred dub for all things Dragon Ball, but I must say, Eric Vale needed another take on reacting to Mai's death. He sounds less heartbroken and more annoyed. "Mai! For fuck's sake, you're dead."

Andy Moore says:

This fucking entrance was sick as hell! One of the best in dragon ball’s history for sure.

Reggie Brightside says:

I can't blame Zamasu. Humanity does suck!

Lord Mutual says:

don't he sounds like goku ssj4

GalaxyGaming _ 458 says:

2:07 she would have cracked her head in real life

Skjone infinite says:

that slow reveal was great and fucking worth it

Jei Tah says:

someone know's the name of this song?

Dilo22 says:

Wow does he sound disinterested when he raises his voice slightly to say her name

Tomoya Okazaki says:

Who would have thought that Mai would have so much character development and be a likable character

youwatch2muchtv says:

Is mai’s voice actor just teen gohan?

Sergio Rosalea says:

Japan dub is far superior goku black wise

John Fortit says:

aye an easy way to defeat black Goku is to use needles, I mean black Goku is the same exact as Goku but bad so he also mist be scared of needles…….. like if you agree

SevenOneFive says:

I prefer Mai with blue eyes

Night Crowd Edogawa says:

Ohhh mhmmmmmm So juicy but I cry since the German dub didn’t used the old voice actors from Z :/ so I’am watching the Japanese dub but where can I watch the English dub if I iam from Europe is there any site or page ?

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