Goku, Frieza and Android 17 Defeat Jiren English –

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Goku, Frieza and Android Defeat Jiren English Subbed

Goku, Frieza and Android Defeat Jiren English Subbed

Finally after an impressive and brutal epic fight Goku, Frieza and Android 17 defeat Jiren the invincible warrior of truth and justice. After using all their energies, the team from universe 7 manages to confront Jiren using techniques combined with group attack and accurate shots.

Thanks to the infinite energy coming from the nucleus that gives power to Android # 17, the warriors of the universe 7 get enough time to strike the last blows necessary to weaken Jiren and get the long-awaited victory.

Goku, Frieza and Android 17 Defeat Jiren

Vegeta is surprised to witness the incredible compatibility in technique, speed and power that Goku and Frieza star in this epic fight to safeguard the hopes of all living beings in the universe 7. In addition to Vegeta, the other spectators are witnesses of so singular combination, making sonic echo throughout the fight platform, breaking the ground and rumbling the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 is part of Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments

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Sparrow Z. says:

I got goosebumps every time when I see that

Matheus Dutra says:

Is it me or do Goku and Frieza make a even better fighting pair then Goku and Vegeta?
I think they do. They're attack on Jiren was more precise and syncronised then any attack I've ever seen Goku and Vegeta ever do together.

Moha Molay says:

See you all again

digvijay_warrior says:

2:55 Epic…

Chett the Gamer says:

It makes me angry that i can never tell when Frieza's eyes are closed

Tristan Fisher says:

I read Frieza's subtitles in Linda Young's voice in my head. Just feels right.

Near Stone says:

Vegita: RiGhT iN tHe PrIdE

Kage261 says:

I've watched this a hundred times and I still tear up everytime. It's just too awesome.

Bill Gates says:

They should’ve saved jiren for the db heroes prison planet arc to make him the warden and the final villian in that arc

Angels Demons says:

Fuckin love this scene to this day when I see goku coming to back up frieza both of them pushing together gives my the goosebumps haha

Muhammad Farooka says:

I thought there was supposed to be no flying

ibswimdude54 says:

I almost cried when Goku fight with Frieza one of my favorite moments with the two of my favorite characters of dragon ball!!!

Malchie7 says:

Best scene is dragon ball ever imo.

Ernesto Barrios Insurance Agency says:

If this scene doesn’t give you chills …. you are dead inside … this was incredible

Frankie K. says:

I personally would’ve preferred any other music over “Ka Ka Ka Kachi Daze”. It sounds more fun than epic.

NICO says:

2:51 I'm just noticing this is the moment Frieza lost his tail… again

Bob Sleigh says:

17 need I say more?

jacky sen says:


Angela Phillips says:

Solomon lol

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