Goku Masters Ultra Instinct – Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

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All credits go to Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama


Soham Makwana says:

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sigmund sarino says:

1:50 Goku new skill Kugi punched!

Chris J says:

Can't be believe you made a video of the the scene! Man, the fight, the music the meaning… Simply masterpiece

Ryuugan Soul says:

The most epic scene so far

keLoh Marasigan says:

1:11 i think this is yamoshi

Joseph Nash says:

When the Gods stand up, I think they were getting ready to get the hell out of Dodge. I'll give them credit, they did not stampede toward the exit of the bleachers. The Gods prepared to leave with Stoic dignity. Lol.

Oops Noob says:


VhonPlayz - Games & Anims says:

Goku is so old, he's like 99 years old! He's hair is white now!

Rik Plays Roblox says:

1:50 Me spanking my son for watching porn

2hunndy says:

man power levels on here a wacked! how could goku master it if he couldn't dogde the blocks like jiren did when they first meet ur think jirens already .mastered ultra to

Mega Deuce says:

Penis is rock hard

It’s trash Boy says:

Dragon ball be trash. 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

Gamer Bonlor says:

well the meaning of goku all of god was standing because he was higher than a gods ki and the ki of goku is now like a great pries angels are UI but great priest is MUI

Son Goku says:

Yay i been waiting for the mui finally its here yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Encarnacion says:

1:03 and at that moment jiren knew he fucked up

Francisco Sanchez says:

Goku llega a derrotar a Jire? en que momento se fusiona Goku con Vegeta y por que lo hacen? hay uno de los Dioses que Da la imprecion que traisiona a los demas Dioses por Que?

_V_Soul_ says:

ouroboros in the eyes mark infinity

Goten San says:

Welp, Jiren is Lagging at Xenoverse

Abin George says:

Beerus: goku had finally reached it hasnt he
😂😂😂 whis is only saying HI

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