Jiren VS Zamasu Super Dragon Ball Heroes

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Hi guys, today we will talk about how it’s going to be episode 7 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and will show the fight Jiren VS Zamasu

The official Channel of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, published a video of the “preview” of the next episode. In this video we see, it appears the fight of Broly Full Power Mode fighting Gogeta SSJ Blue, in the Yamamuro Style.

New characters have been introduced, and maybe we’ll see them in Episode 7.

Kefla also fights against the Orem and Karmin brothers who look like Baby from Dragon Ball GT.

Jiren VS Zamasu Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 English Sub

Kefla fights Merged Zamasu (Yes he came back too).

If you remember Goku, in the Power Tournament he was losing to Kefla, and Zamasu is not, so this Zamasu is stronger Goku of the Past.

Jiren will also return, and it seems that there will be a conflict in all the universes in this new arc.




Heaven says:

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juni ash says:

Jiren will get nerfed just wait


Jiren and goku foosion
enemies has left the chat

Baruti Kamau says:

Im takin dis instrumental da 1st one

Shiela Lorena says:

lol goku is losing to kefla cause hes already wounded criticaly.if hes not kefla is no match fo goku

Jj Keim says:

A lot of reused animations from super

Nikhil Patel says:

The animation is awsm Zamasu vs jiren the result will be obvious

Colt PHNTM says:

I was lied to. Also reported.

savage diamonds says:

What is this animation

Hellssee cc d says:

Jiren gonna BODY zamasu skinny ass

Kok Yee Huei David says:

Cumber and Zamasu, prepare yourselves when Jiren returns. This is no longer the same stoic, arrogant, prideful and self-centred Jiren we all saw at the TOP. He had already found his answers on what lies beyond strength and accepted the error of his previous ways and now embraced Goku’s values of friendship and alliance to add to his own power after his defeat by Goku in both one-one and teamwork with U7. Now with newfound elements to add to his own strength and power, Jiren now has a new purpose to fight and he can be even stronger than he was in the TOP and high chance of him surpassing even MUI Goku.

Prepare to hear the words OWARIDA

John Serrano says:

0:001:30 the music was fire!!! Can you tell me where you got it from? Btw amazing video!👍👏

2ObelisK2 says:

click bait shit, go fuck yourself

Shivam Singhal says:

Amazing animation

Dhanesh Narwade says:

Jiren is the only guy who can stop zamasu… because he trainingYes jiren is actually trained himself to defeat demons who destroy his family, and which are possibly powerful than God's, so I am glad jiren is back to help our gokhu… himself to destroy demons..

Dhanesh Narwade says:

Just a theory
I think these complete Arc is related to the zamasu time line,where lot of timeline is gets open, and then​ it's the time line where zamasu is gets everyone from different universe to combine team, and started a plan to destroy all God's and angels (from dragon Ball super story) where he also came to know there are more powerful xeno verse characters and including them into a war to use and destroy all enimies like gokhu to him(zamasu),in case of jiren may be the zamasu is the demon or cumber with red eyes ( shown in dragon Ball super battle of God) who destroy his family when he was child by time travel ring attached to him (zamasu)..that's why all jiren, toppo,hit like characters are gets ready to stand against these evil characters to with stand justice and peace…these is how I am imagining zamsu plan is already begun in battle of God time line by zamasu…(how interesting it is and powerful to feel, thanks dragon Ball heroes for thse type of strong manga…)

muhammad jundi says:

fuck la so much version of dragonball right now i dont know which one should i follow

fredi mendez says:

It may be fake but it's well done, not gonna lie

LuisE Garcia says:

Buen vĂ­deo papu

animal 361 says:

This fight was actually dope, regardless of how fake it was.

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