LOSING MY BARDOCK LICENSE?! | Dragonball FighterZ Ranked Matches

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Playing Bardock in ranked requires a license, but am I about to lose mine after not playing Bardock in ranked for a while. We enter high ranked dbfz matches with a team of Bardock, ssj goku, and yamcha and try to reclaim our license!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz commentary

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Dakota Lamp says:

I appreciate that on a Bardock video the mic picks up the button mashing.

Alexander Wilson says:

That Yamcha is sooo sick. Just to let you know watching your Yamcha inspired me to add him to my team and he is a VIP for sure!

Shovel Lord says:

Hello Doto,

This is the Department of Bardock Players (DBP) contacting you about the case against your Bardock license. On the 1st of December, 2018 your license will be revoked. However, if you schedule an appointment at the West City DBP, we may be able to test you for a Yamcha license. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Beerus, low tier DBP representative

chai zaeng says:

"Ya think you can't do it, you trai-, you try hard, you still look like a looser but you come out a looser that won a couple games"
Wiser words have never been spoken

Rockyman26 says:

Um, yeah. I totally had faith that you'd win 3-0. And these were congratulatory flowers, just ignore the "Don't worry about it" card.

jetwind100 says:

Never doubted you for a minute. Even when i told myself "He's gonna lose 0-3". No doubt

Best_Genji_EU says:

~ You think you can't do it, you try hard, you still look like a loser but you come out a loser that won a couple games. ~
Yeah im quoting that.

mounne13 says:


Leave him with Yamcha

Pablo Velazquez says:

And what happen to your Piccolo license bro?

Jon Savage Gaming says:

Playing bardock without a license callin the popo,😂😂

sultan Dixon says:

I’m one of the greatest leakers in history and my secret sources say that the next video will be about (can i say the name) 😂

Joao Augusto says:

I thought you were going to lose kkkkkk

Kyle Davis says:

Other people: Yamcha is low teir he can’t do much
Doto: Hold my license

Gabe says:

Even tho it's supposed to be a Bardock vid, the Yamcha comeback was🔥👌👌

AidMcNade says:

Now you’re droppin combos AND your Bardock license

MR. Dioblo says:

Okay so maybe I didn't think you were gonna come out 3-0, but I'm here for clout so I'll just say I did.
P.S. keep up the videos

conor madden says:

License and registration please👮✋

[GD] Totobo says:

Ho and doto I know it's a low tier team but I really like playing goku, goku blue and vegeta blue! They have a really good combo and the special of vegeta with the spirit bomb of goku (which is actually working) are just too strong…

Bapecrazy says:

Doto I knew you were coming out 3-0 I was just expecting a little more dropped combos

TellMyWiFiLoveHer says:

Dotodoyas record against TrapManny: 3-0
Dotodoyas record against his own commentary: 0-3

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