Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Jiren The Beast | Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Reaction Mashup

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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Jiren The Beast | Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Reaction Mashup


Roozy & Raz

David Dyurko




Master Blaze

Hibou 2HD


Prince Anzumagi


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TheFlamingCerbrus says:

I don't think the guy in the top right ever changed his expression. A poker face


mylifestyle55 says:

I guess this is the closest we will ever get to a saitama vs Goku fight impression.. or Goku vs Superman, since Jiren shares many similarities with him.

Ajith Sk says:

mexico crowd reaction is godly compared to these weaklings!! XD ppl go check that out!!

Bleach Bleach says:

I’m so danm old bru

ReaperCaliber says:

I like how everyone thinks Jiren was actually trying to kill the spectators, but it's pretty obvious that blast wouldn't have been aloud to hit the stands and kill the spectators lol, he was just making a point about how easily everything Goku holds dear can be destroyed.

OtakuFromJupiter says:

Lol when goku lost his ultra instinct there was a guy yelling THAT WAS FRIEZA

Bugga D says:

The fucking nerd is on the left side in the middle

Zero.O. Neal says:

dude in the top left needs to calm down on them lame effects XD

Tupolew Tu-154 says:

How they are happy as Freezer and this scrapmetal C17 came back…
I want to see their faces, when Jiren wins. 😀

kyle Jones says:

2nd guy top left everybody absolutely hate that cunt 😂 all he does is bitch and moan when goku overpowers jiren. Jiren is a prick don't root for him and when vegeta got knocked out omg all he did was cry about it… don't put him in the reactions anymore he's a little bitch

sun gaming says:

They talk to MUCH!!!!!! I can't here the vid CD lol

Vegeta Sama says:

In fact can we punch all of these dumbasses

Vegeta Sama says:

Can someone punch the faggot with the white hat

ReForros says:

Ñee los latinos tienen mejores reacciones que ustedes

Rashaud Walker says:

Commercial loving prick 🖕

Mila Bolanos says:

What special about their reaction

Jesus Rivera says:

Bruh that dude on the bottom left 10:00 his pits are sweaty asf😂

Moneyyb H says:

i feel like it would be so much better if frieza was the one who hit goku from the back and then went to eliminate jiren, or "tried" to

Ceasar Corona says:

where's naruto reactions bro

Hawaiian Punch says:

Cheap Shot Jiren

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