NAPPA STRONGER THAN BROLY?!? – Dragon Ball FighterZ – Ranked Matches! (Nappa, Vegeta, Goku)

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Nappa shatters the Tier List! His Power continues to Grow as his Enemies are Crushed beneath his Might! With Vegeta and Goku at his side, they will Destroy all who Oppose them! Please Enjoy these Ranked Matches!
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Ranking Every DLC Fighter!!

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TrueUnderDawgGaming says:

Can this Video get 500 Likes for Nappa??
5 Things I Love & Hate about Dragon Ball FighterZ

Ranking Every DLC Fighter –

Getting Bodied by Goku Blue –

Fighting a Pink Smurf Account –

Making Bardock Players RAGE –

Kelvid says:

At around 1:00
Yes it lights up, at least in low match completion. I've seen it several times, but it took me a couple times to realize it because I was used to Purple names

dragonoyxd says:

U need to play Nappa, Kid Buu and Gotenks. Use their assists lock down and help to plant the sibermans

Camus / Sirius says:


Darthaggro says:

11:50 I know what you mean, autos correcting things is so infuriating sometimes. Especially when you're like me and trying to avoid doing autos because that isn't going to get you anywhere soon, only to be beaten by mashers and auto correct. But nice sexy voice and good games sir! It was fun to watch as always

Shovel Lord says:

Nappa stronger than Broly? Of course, how can you kill a ghost?

sir sandwitch says:

As nappa is a big component on my main team, i can contest that hes better than yamcha

YOsh! says:

trust me when I say this bro. But ever since SonicFox and Kazunoko started doing super dash more all of a sudden everyone is doing this stupid short hop short hop short hop super dash bullcrap, for some reason sometimes it feels like 2H doesnt even work half the time

Mister Puns says:

UnderDawg's voice and West City gets me hot.

Thatoneguy #420 says:

Don’t let rooflemonger see this

Foghig says:

A combo you could use with vegeta assist for nappa is when you launch them with h then you super dash auto light, light, jump cancel, light light light and you call in vegeta assist during the first light special attack button then down heavy and then quarter circle forward medium and it gives you a hard knockdown without the vanish

NinthPayLoader0 says:

I’m happy


Nappa is the most underrated character in the game

Speed Pedro says:

i really wanna fight u trueunderdawg, cuz i never can get a pvp match, i never get a decent connection, I GOT NO MATCHES… even on brazil (the place where i live) i cant get a single match… thats why i put the exact same country for me to have a chance to fight against u
(and im not a super dasher)

Chrome Claw says:

TrueUnderDawg you finally matured and got your puberty 😀 Nice video as always

SCT Karter says:

When someone does that pain in the ass double jump after a super dash, I say the same exact thing. “Oh he’s that kind of player.” You get one for free and down heavied every time after that

KillaKliff says:

Nappa is my go to auto win. Most people don't know how to play against him. Nappa been snapping necks and cashing checks for me!

Ryan Soares says:

Bro you can still pull stupid shit at pink I’m pink but I suck and have no idea how I got there so many people fall for dumb shit even at higher ranks it’s crazy

ThatTransChickPlays says:

Are you a bit sick? You’re voice sounds off 🙁


Patrick Yanes says:

Nappa 16 and vegeta are great nappa team as for 16 assist allows fr better bnb with Nappas dive and vegeta good for combo extension

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