NEW Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 IMAGES + Nozawa Interview

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Dragon Ball Super FINAL Episode airs tonight and we have an interview with Masako Nozawa about the finale. What will happen when 17, Frieza, and Goku vs Jiren ends the show!?



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Richert6352 says:

Did No.17 Wish for every unverivse back I mean even the one Zeno destroy in the paat

ArckGoliagth says:

You where so wrong stop your predictions your bad at it

Wake Mad3 says:

Where are the Goku dickriders? Lol did y'all gag the whole episode? Lol y'all definitely thought Goku was stronger than Vegeta but they are now officially equals until ultra and whatever Vegeta gets! This outcome was exactly what I predicted but honestly it still had unpredictable details but it's definitely the just! I never felt like frieza was actually gonna turn, I felt like this had to be the beginning of Goku and his "Vegeta/Goku" relationship this last episode shut up all the plot hole bullshit about super lofl… The last 4 episodes killed every last plot hole.. yet you ultimate Dragonball fans where hating on super now y'all like super is lit

Azeem Azoom says:

Jiren is Buu with tail in head!!!

Kaiokenx100 says:

At least I can still wait for the movie in December and my hero academia season 3 and a possibly sequel after the movie 😃😃😃😃😃😃

Alexander Marshall says:


Kenny x Namikaze says:

Just saw the episode. Everyone's theories were just wrong. Spoiler alert!

Goku told Vegeta that Ultra Instinct was mastered by accident and can't use it anymore. Wasteful, right?

Drew High says:

epic episode. when i saw goku Frieza and 17 triple team jerin i was yelling fuck him up!!! lol. so happy to see Jerin get his ass wooped

S colly says:

Frieza is rivived and becomes the evil emperor and Goku can’t do ultra instinct and I no super will be back it has a message saying bye for now and something about it’s just a parting

S colly says:

Frieza Goku And jiren get knocked out and no 17 win and wishes for every universe to be brought back but the ending is amazing upsetting it’s over now

TS says:

Never would've thunk that

josiah jordan says:

Yeah but remember when Goku Black first came and he was super weak compare to Goku and Vegeta but then all of sudden he became sayian God Rose. it might happen the same way. Who knows. Don't forget Sayians Level up fast

Gucci :( says:

Waiting for geekdom to drop the review …

KibōNoHikari says:

My prediction are the following see if it come true
– Both Goku and Frieza will sacrifice themself to knock Jiren out
– No 17 will be the sole survivor
– No 17 will make un expected wish which is to bring back all erase universe
– No 17 will get his cruise ship as he wanted and later on Veg want to challenge Goku again
– Frieza will make an appearance after the end credit and show his future evil plan

Brian Bender says:

Geekdoms Broken where you at brah the uploads are slow on reviews right now

randy pacatang says:

Yes he was holding back at first but he definitely went all out. He broke his limits versus jiren then did it again with kefla and then finally jiren again

iiSnipz says:

im just waiting for a announcement saying "No dbs this week its coming next week!" I mean it may not but it could happen lmao

Mike H says:

What dif i tell you Geekdom….. ANDROID 17 for the win. I said it from the beginning. That's right, ANDROID 17 JUST LIKE I SAID FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!!

Goku Black says:

everyone gets revived also goku and frieza both takedown jiren. and whis revives frieza. also 17 is the last man standing. and the biggest part is(drumroll) is that there is no cliffhanger!

CrazyCheeseRedneck says:

Episode 131 was so good cant believe dragonball or super as a serries will be gone for now.
Every week i looked forward to a new episode, now i have to wait till next year i guess.😢

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