NEW Game mode and Holiday Capsules UPDATE!! | Dragonball FighterZ Leaks

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The November v jump leaks are here and while fighterz didn’t get anything too big, we did get a new edition of the game in japan as well as news of an update containing a new game mode, holiday capsules, and more! What can this tell us about the future of the game?

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz commentary

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DotoDoya says:

As always I'll update this comment with anymore news! Let me know as always what you guys think of all this stuff

Link to news without my voice and input:

Nba NoHeart says:

Bro I just hit pink square in fighterz I’m so excited 🥳

FilthyTrash says:

Captain ginyus troops are elves

Salem Kane says:

TFS Christmas character. Hatchiyak dlc lol

Mach Sigma says:

"whether or not you are going to spend your zeni on them"

BOY what else do we have to spend zeni on?

SCT Karter says:

Frosty the fat buy or I’m keeping my Zeni

Tommy DI Nuzzo says:

Awesome! Keeping this game alive with any new content and news will open huge doors to get another sequel to this awesome game. This game with more unlockables and new DLC will Kick Major ass for a DBZ game. I do not mind spending money on this game with more future stuff to come. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

zSquigly says:

Elf chiaotzu

Z.D.F says:

This is so exciting!
I wonder if Season 2 will have alternate costumes, considering it's easily one of the most requested things by fans alongside Stages, and Characters.

• Goku (SSJ) – No Shirt
• Vegeta (SSJ) – Making Vegeta
• Piccolo – Turbin
• Tien – DBZ Uniform
• Yamcha – Baseball
• Goku – Farmer

If they wanted legit money instead of in game money for these costumes, I'd definitely still purchase them. 30+ alternate costumes, with 12+ colors for each costume? Shut up and take my money!

HeatxSoul Reborn says:

i still dont get why People believe their will be another Season of new characters for this game? is their any reason to believe that? i dont think their comes more

Amaan Manzar says:

yo you should try a challenge auto combo only u have to win a set with only auto combos

unCommon Weeb says:

But we do have a tournament mode
It just kinda succ

Romascu Octavian says:

Congrats on ssjb rank my dude, recently have been having a few irl issues and your videos really cheer me up everyday

The Black Naruto says:


UchihaVicious says:

I want Jewish tien 😂

Kira Yoshikage says:

Meh not an update I'm pumped up for……

Caramel Koala says:

Maybe the Tenkaichi Budokai gamemode is going to be character one v ones with rounds like mortal kombat or something….

LegendaryBilly says:

Tenkaichi Budokai new game mode description:
A mode in which DotoDoya will drop combos

gg_notgoodgame says:

maybe the budokai mode will have some sort of a "ring out"

Bryan Carter says:

Love the crap out of some DotoDoya. Bro, you’re friggin’ hilarious and a great player to learn from. I’ve completely ripped off that Yamcha BTW. Hopefully, the West doesn’t get that complete edition only because we see what happened with Injustice 2 after the Legendary Edition dropped. Dead as a doorknob. I love DBFighterZ too much for that. Peace. Keep rocking Doto. I’m Majin level now but I’m on my way and I want that Krillin. 👍🏾💯😁

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