NOOOO!! Heartbroken! Episode 127 Live Reaction!

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I’m super salty about this mannnnnnn

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YaBoyRoshi says:

question of the week: do ya'll still think Frieza will have some kind of significant contribution in this fight? 🤔

cdk sword says:


Daytrell Watts says:

I'm the logical nigga in this group🤣🤣


scathiebaby says:

I keep wondering why Goku and Vegeta never fuse ! … I get it's explained away with Saiyan pride, but… there's a universe at stake now

€Sama€ says:

Damn Jiren i didn't knew that rape was allowed on youtube


Kurliss HB Dismuke says:

10:3810:48 buddy ass on the right had me cracking up wit em.

Royalknight98 says:

Yes he would

Mal-El says:

Jiren's power was so strong it froze the Internet

GamerCris says:

Ey atleast pet your doggo

Knee-Grow ———— says:

I never skip the intro by is funny asf when lupasan says the name of the characters just like the actors

Jaz Mpnae says:

Every time i watch i watch them legs and smile

Jaz Mpnae says:

Man yo girl got sum sex appeal

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

Hey, je suis francais et je kiff vos vidéos, vos reactions sont tellement drole XD go google rad 😉


Girl what u doing there. If yu in Chicago we……. nevermind I would accidently push u out a window with worry in my eyes but UR nerdy is cute til a week past. Yu 3 are awesome for this. Great job.

SavageryOver 9000 says:

its not live stop putting live

Mezmerized4Life Jay says:

17 will be back. How do you enter to win bro?!? I think Frieza is going to win, he's a savage.

ashmo says:

Everybody cry for no. 17 he is MVP in this tournament

Vishvanjay Risbood says:

Thats sad mannn

OldeSkoole says:

Before Super I didn't really have an opinion about No. 17. I didn't dislike him or like him, I just never thought much at all. But man, Super surprised the hell out of me with how dope of a character he is. Definitely one of my top favorites now man 17 is the shit!

OldeSkoole says:

Even if Vegeta falls next episode I'll be pretty okay with it.. They didn't sell him short at least, he defeated a god of destruction, quite a feat. He didn't just barely win by using 1 special move, he straight punched through that hakai. Vegeta is a beast, I'm happy they didn't let him fall without doing anything epic. Of course Goku will get the final shine like usual.. at least they didn't shit on Vegeta, I was afraid of them doing that.

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