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THE BEST 100% DAMAGE COMBO YOU WILL EVER SEE – Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito, Beerus & Zamasu Gameplay

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BROLY MAX POWER! THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: “Broly” Gameplay

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Super says:

leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it <3 just because these are the bottom tier characters doesn't mean they're not fun to play!
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Gabriel Izurieta says:

Tbh Blueku is a fire character, and so is Bluegeta. Boku on the other hand is kinda weird, only thing going for him is that command grab, and his solo damage output.

Let’s talk about Hit for a second though. Where does Hit stand in the tier list? Because if anyone has ever seen Raptr use Hit, they would say Hit is god tier

My AshyKneeCaps says:

That’s actually my team blue goku ssj goku and base goku

Broken Potara says:

Anybody else think its funny that people come to the rescue of goku blue but dont mention blugeta who is the less linear of the two characters? Vegeta has a fast well ranged grab a high damage easy to combo wave attack (big bang) a level one that can be combo after (the pummel) and an inclined level one (galik gun) He even has a level five if you want more damage

slim0892 says:

Lol goku blue is trash yeaa right i got over 1000 wins with him

Traynell ifill says:

This list has trunks lower than beerus… This list is invalid.

dz ultimate says:

Both SSB Gokou and Bejita are not bad. They are at least mid tier

Tiny Hoovy King says:

I feel like all 3 of those characters are mid tier..

Gabriel Izurieta says:

21:04 was so anime

Juan Zavala says:

I remember playing against someone with your name online

Al Gore says:

Wtf goku is mid to high tier u just have to know how to play him

Ascended BIG NIGGA says:

If B.Goku low tier then he's a really good fuking low tier people
Spirit bomb= "That's a lot of DAMAGE" – Phil Swift
Kaioken= really good super
Block strings= honestly as good as ssjGoku +(comand grab)
If B.Goku is low tier then ssjGoku is also low tier because what they have is really similar

Realest One says:

Awesome video 👍👍. You deserve more views, likes and subscribers.

ACE says:

SSB Vegeta…no….not him…
Granted he only has like 2 combos he’s still my favorite.

Nama Depan says:

Aye bro,try to duel with the ninjakilla_212 can u do it bro?

ssbplayer445 says:

Will you do a low tier based on event hubs tier list, it would Blue Vegeta, Nappa and Majin Buu

logos town says:

android 17 ssgss vegeta and base goku are definetely not low tier

GlitchyGaming says:

Just a little pointer: You can turn off the notifications on PS4 so the "Blocked scenes" pop up won't be in your recordings anymore.

jeff knock says:

It's not the team it's the player bro, and you're just embarrassing for the time you have played this game.

Gordon Rowe says:

Base goku is great your team is stacked

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