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Dragon Ball Super as we know it, ends here with episode 131. Still at a loss for words, as it hasn’t really settled in that it’s over. But I just want to thank everyone who tuned in to check out my reactions to these episodes after all this time every week. I appreciate you all so much. I was never the fastest to upload a reaction, but I always went as fast as I could while still trying to bring something different to the table. The difference being what separated myself from a mere “reaction” and turning it into a “SeeReaxion”. Well, that was the goal at least haha.

Until the next Dragon Ball thing comes out that’s reaction worthy! Adios! (unless you’re really cool and watch all my content, then see you like tomorrow lmao).

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Deion “SeeReax”




Orlando F Jaimes says:

He would have erased EVERYTHING.

Black Goku says:

I’ll miss it bro đŸ’Żâ€ïž

Malkuth says:

Toei has the budget wtf so u mean it's only due to time constraints

Kapn Krisp says:

Will you do a movie seereaxtion?

Nic Holland says:

Hey deion they cant end it because of the time between z and gt it suppose to be the 10 years between so as i stated they cant end it ^_^

Tyler McAteer says:

That Budokai 3 opening music Kreygasm

Pokédex holder says:

It was mostly to expand the db world and set up plot points for later.

CA_Andrew 1 says:

"I get those goosebumps everytime"

Germanman 02 says:

I wonder I it feels to watch a show with a microphone in your face must feel wierd lol

Godku says:

Bruh Toppo told Jiren about the heart of the cards and Jiren just stood up like he wasn’t just tired a second ago. Sum anime bullshit

Malik Newsome says:

I thought the last ep ting was a spoiler

Cooper Blackwell says:

17 said all universes that were erased. ALL. UNIVERSES

TheBrownTown007 says:

He said all the universes that were erased, not just from the tournament, maybe that saiyan in the movie comes from one of the universe that were erased ages ago by Zeno.

Ultimate Gohan says:

Yo deion you remind me of a young will smith

SedÀle Hoogvliets says:

What's the song that starts around 4:45?

Zierleos says:

Just rewatched it again… And I think the grand priest actually has a hidden agenda…
He wished for all universes that were erased to be restored.
Not to restore those erased during the tournament of power…
So the dragon did as asked and restored all universes that were erased and been known that xeno erased others before hand.
Before making the wish his eyes slightly close as if that's what he wanted all along.
It may be a way off but would make sense to where the villains could come from in the next series when it gets released.

Christopher Walls says:

F to pay respects

Jeads 2 Earth says:

Dragon ball Z will and will always be the superior Dragon ball series

Blake Paschal says:

That budokai 3 music tho!

TheLegend says:

I loved this conclusion!

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