Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 [English Subbed] Universal Conflict!

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● SDBH Eps. 7 ! English Subs

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Enchanted Wig says:

Hit struggling with kids for 7 minutes

darkdash25 says:

The music tho🔥

Alexander Cosmic says:

5:58 thats my nigga dio

Daniel Fritz says:

So Jiren's evil doer is planning to kill the omni King. Jiren vegeta n Goku to fight him alongside the other gods of destruction.

phoenix tv says:

I will be impress if the new characters beat jiren.

NuGg3t3xPrEsS says:

What happened to goku??

Goku Black says:

So why didn’t kale and caulifla use ssj2???
Why didn’t hit use his time cage? Unless they were already tired but they only hurt them IN A WEAKER STATE so they didn’t use it yet if they weren’t hurt beforehand

paviu7 says:

Caulifla didin't even use SSJ2 here.

Fernando Arias says:

2:48 lol sounds like a pokemon

Cyprien Iov says:

Hit isn't weak are u stupid ?

Gideon Jones says:

Did I just watch Hit get Yamcha'd?

Draven Jordan says:

Vegeta: Where Have You Been Kakarot we've been waiting for hours

Ultra Instinct music plays in the background

Goku: so that's how it is prepare to get this ass whooping Vegeta

Uri Shaw says:

Fuck it just nerf super shenron next

Draven Jordan says:

I like how everything is back to normal considering the fact that they just left Goku from Super on a exploding planet to die one of these days Goku friend to get his revenge

Austin Kozlowski says:

Reminds me of Android 17 and 18

Slippery Creature says:

Does the fuu looking guy have fucKING DIOS VA

KaiTheGuy says:

5:59 DIO?

Tiki Willams says:

r they like the androids for universe 6 like universe 7 has.

Tiki Willams says:

r they like the androids for universe 6 like universe 7 has.

DJB Suicide says:

Hit doing blasts is a big no no imo, also why does it seem like they are Hit look absolutely weak in everything? Tbh if Super or Dragon Ball returns an Arc like this would be amazing & a good way to explore the other universes Zamasu & the other erased universes from before are revived through 18s wish & want to overthrow Zeno maybe even a Frieza team up, it'd also be a way to use all of the OG crew to have some shine again.

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