Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Episodes 1-4 [English SUBS]

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The english subbed version of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 has arrived! As a result, I decided to compile this into a big compilation video, consisting of episodes 1-4. Specifically they include

SDBH EP1: SSJ4 Xeno Goku faces off against Super Saiyan Blue Goku

SDBH EP2: Goku goes Berserk, Cooler transforms into Golden Form

SDBH EP3: SSBKK Vegito faces off against Cumber

SDBH EP4: Cumber is in Great Ape form, faces off against SSBKK Goku, Vegeta, Fu, and Future Trunks

We’ll also be seeing Super Saiyan 4 Vegito for the next episode.

Translation- Herms
Timing: Terez
Type Setting: AnimeAJay
Song Translation: Sailor Spazz

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Episode 1: 0:00
Episode 2: 6:54
Episode 3: 13:47
Episode 4: 20:44


Janemba8000 says:

Episodes 1-5 are now available in this link:

epicwarding says:

Fus voice actor is same as Inuyasha, one of my favorite voice actors from old animes . unfortunately he lately been getting trash characters to voice such as Usopp from One Piece


Where's ultra instinct thoooooooo

Cayle Catbagan says:

Cummer cough* meant cumber

Juan G says:


The Observant says:

Xeno goku is badass

jimmy james says:

Goku turn brown

Christina Lopez says:

Not real this is dragon ball super

jogos para android e celular says:

Xavier Qader says:

To lazy to make a full episode you have to wait for like 12 weeks just for 4 episodes that just make me think the movie better be good

bir siyahlık says:

That power scaling ıs trash how the hell ıs cumber ıs thıs strong -.-

bir siyahlık says:

9:18 vegeta never saw cooler ın hıs fınal form -_-

holysinnerxxx says:

Interesting stuff here. Definitely dont want to apply too much logic here lol; Just enjoy for what it is. Hopefully the evil Saiyan can become a main storyline.

holysinnerxxx says:

so is this some sort of fan made anime or perhaps a filler in DBS (I'm still working my way through it)

jay Tarantula says:

Cant even spell cooler.

Isaac Denley says:

What's a stronger transformation
Ssj beserker (the name I found online for goku corrupted by cumber)
Ssj rage

Tallinn Perry says:

anybody else notice just a fuckin completely normal earth at 1:34


I want to see a Cumber, Jiren and Broly battle!!.. the impact will blow trees back and crack statues

864 Productions says:

wait a second… how the he'll did mai get to the world of the gods ?

CiyborgCommando says:

what's usopp doing in dragon ball lol 14:43

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