Super Vegito LR Event – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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Super Vegito LR Event

Super Vegito LR Event

Today we’re taking on the brand-new Super Vegito LR Event here on the JP version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle as part of the year 3 anniversary. Again they have absolutely broken the mold with this fantastic art, it’s awesome it looks fantastic. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle art and development team has definitely put a lot of work and effort in the making of the game and this event in particular.

For the making of this video I have chosen a TEQ – Anti-Hero Team just to take the fun haha. For start I would say going for mix-hybrid state of stats and abilities on this deck gave me the chance of combining Nightmare and Dispair in two set of combos.

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Pig _101 says:

I’m done with broly on global. I did 3 multis and not a single featured ssr

John Parker says:

Bandai please I want those LR's please

prush the awsome says:

i had ultra instinc on my exams but when i faced maths exam its like i am facing jiren …

Chris Ferguson says:

So I joined jp when this lrs dropped so I just re rolled but I said I can’t do anything because I don’t have any units so I farmed 100 stones because 2 more till a free multi so I farmed so the first multi I got 5 pods and I know how trash rates the banner has been and I just said alright nano bless me with that 5 pod luck and I got super gogeta and ssj4 gogeta and I was screaming nano I love you around my house so and the next multi I got 2 super galick gun vegeta and the next multi I got a lr gogeta dupe so just a story of how you made my day by inventing the 5 pod luck

Alpharad VG says:

Does anyone know the 7th day namekian dragonball quest?

Ramdom Gamer says:

I got LR Goku super3

jesus molina says:

Asi cualquiera, comprando piedras para los summons y formando las mejores combinaciones posibles.. que dificultad hay en el juego?


I pulled vegito the phy one


Champyboy Q says:

I got lr vegito and now he at sa 20 😤😤😤🔥🔥🔥

DCDoesDBZDokkan says:

Congrats on the baby dude 😊😊

shadow breaker says:

I got 2 lr gogeta lol

Colt PHNTM says:

I have that broly on my ssj3 catigory team with 0 dupes and does well over 1 million the least seen him do is 300 or 400k damage but thats with types disadvantage.

Blazing.Luigi says:

Who else wished they could’ve pulled any of the 2 new Lr’s

Ekam Gill says:

NANO !!! CONGRATS on the BabyGenix!!! hopefully babgenix's LR Vegito and Gogeta summons coming soon!!

Rolo Anime says:

This extreme team is awsome

Soham Khare says:

Does anyone know when the 3rd anniversary update on global going to come ?

SelfieLordJeff says:

Congrats on #BabyGenix #NanoFam

Manuel Isaac says:

Finally got my lr gogeta

Griffen P says:

For some reason it's just Janemba's super attack that does that to the screen

BadboyKing Gaming says:

nano I tried getting a broly on a single but I got a ssj4 vegeta my friend did the same

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