Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 130 eng sub “The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!” Episode 131: Read below for more info about dbs ep 130: Dragon ball super episode 130 [More]
Like Share Subscribe for more….. . DISCLAIMER: This video does not contain any copyright content, this is just a non-profitable act, for fun & Entertainment. . Courtesy: Toei Animation JP. Credits: To Every Viewer. _______________________ [More]
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 – After defeating the other universes, the universe 7 is involved in real problems due to the great power that Jiren possesses and the ability it has to pass its [More]
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Vegeta Vs Goku Black amazing fight in Dragon Ball Super Episode 63. After a surprise attack full of energy Vegeta hits Goku Black, causing great impression by the difference of power. Goku Black is tremendously [More]
Goku Black has killed almost all human beings and with them Bulma, who’s the scientific mind behind the time machine. Trunks feels hopelessness for not having his greatest ally at his side. Thanks to Bulma’s [More]