THE BEST 100% DAMAGE COMBO YOU WILL EVER SEE – Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito, Beerus & Zamasu Gameplay

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THE BEST 100% DAMAGE COMBO YOU WILL EVER SEE – Dragon Ball FighterZ: Vegito, Beerus & Zamasu Gameplay
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Super says:

Can i get a like on the video for 6 SUPERS IN ONE COMBO, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? this is for sure the best TOD i have ever hit.
If you don't believe me that it does 10k damage i uploaded it on twitter

Wizrd101 says:

Love this team but comboing supers needs timing

Al Gore says:

Did someone realized that this vegeta teabacks but don't even know how to corner loop xD

Al Gore says:

I would like twice just for that combo

Francis Jackson says:

Clearly you haven't seen Clayton Chapman's videos -_-

Darryl Dix says:

That touch of death was sick as hell

Junior max says:

If only beerus could spank gotenks like he did in the movie every time you land a killing hakkai😂😂😂

Jeran Jongema says:

I saw a yellow square and I already was bored after a minute, plus the praise when it is obvious he is better is a little annoying.

Bow To Me says:

Stop posting videos of you beating up scrubs..and btw that wasn't the best tod…I've definitely seen better tods and not ending with beerus but starting with him..

booce bunger says:

What’s a good teammate for a team with adult gohan and goku black? I’m currently using yamcha and he’s making good comebacks but I also want good synergy.

ChobiPlays says:

You guys should try watching in double speed its like watching it straight from the anime and if you get bored but 0 volume on Yt and play some backround Music like if you enjoyed it Warning: May contain Lag spikes

Ty Crawford says:

They technically aren't the strongest in Dragonball😐

Gay For Yena says:

Do base goku,Agohan,bardock pls

Blaster Ricky 3.0 says:

This team it's Amazing!

Sam Hearne says:

You have made me love dragon Ball again for an entire year I hated dragon Ball but when I started watching your dragon Ball z fighters now I love dragon Ball thank you 👍

Daniel Paredes says:

I hate vegitos auto combo lol them thick thighs lighting kicks so good lol

Arkham Knightfall says:

music was well timed with that combo

Joshua Foran says:

Really wanna seen you go up against jmcroft !! He’s a beast dbz player

Grant Hierman says:

Cool team. Always fun to see the flick lol. Make a combo with that at the end.

L says:

bro, why wont you fight against other pink squares or rank? cause this is just sad watching you destroy people weaker than you… the worst is you complementing them like they are good, when you know you are way better… please just start playing people your lvl, cause these fighterz vids are getting more boring by the minute

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