THE END? Dragon Ball Super episode 131 – REACTIONS

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Timothy Morris says:

You look like the dad from "Flash"

Bernard Pears Jr. says:

Blac!!! Shake my hand!! Everything you did in this video was close to how I was watching it!!!

Spoop says:

awww here we go. goku and caulifla ship revived

Jahleel Flecha says:

But if you noticed, Android 17 was not specific on that wish so technically all 24 universes have been restored

Matthew Gonzalez says:

Black it aint the first time goku lied to vegeta remember he could go super sayin 3 in the majin vegeta fight but held back

A Kryzee Production says:

“Those are some big balls”

Keita says:

Pretty dope channel, hopefully you become bigger

Christopher says:

LOL "he ain't no God for real"

Riaan says:

Wana fight Jiren now yourself? Slow down Big Fella

JJohnWords says:

Toppo was on his "GET DAT NIGGA REX" shit

James Karren says:

"Jiren's a cheater." Least Jiren doesn't steal moves…. cough cough Goku cough cough

Awesome, hilarious reaction. Subscribed!

farmer with a shotgun says:

Krillin made the jay black face at 11:35

Son Goku says:

vegeta have to find UI for himself he had same training with whis

Labaron Foster says:

Jayblac you should check out the new trailers for the new power rangers movie!

Ricky Spanish says:

Theyvwoulda never won if it wasn’t for vegeta 💪🏾😎

Wavyyy Clayyy says:

Watching Blac reaction to this episode made it 10x better…SIMPLE 🤷🏾‍♂️

Leonard I Payne says:

Yeah he know he can tap into it. That's his M.O. Never fight to his max to see how much he can take. He stay playing with dudes til he lose. Only one he didn't play around with was Kid Buu. Only thing I didn't like was they robbed us on the Super Dragon Ball summon animation scene, that shyt was ill the first time.

Kami Sama says:

Someone's hating on a meditator like jiren lol, well jiren obtained his strength bcos of his ideology, must have gone through a hell of a training with his GOD tp surpass him as well. He has those saiyan traits as well, getting powerful with anger so yea haters and lovers there's no middle ground with Jiren 😂😂😂

Reginald Dumornay says:

So Wendy's the restaurant just drop a 10 minute mixtape called "webeefin" please pick a song and react 😅

V Conley says:

Man you gotta review more anime shows, bro.

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