THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Live Reaction! (Final Episode)

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THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Live Reaction! (Final Episode)! The final episode of Dragon Ball Super, episode 131, is finally here! Will Universe 7 win the tournament, or will Universe 11 win? Here’s my live reaction! Enjoy!

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Javier Pasquel says:

what background music ?? please thanks 🙂

Anthony Turner says:

In the end the show remembered what a lot of us adult fans always forget: It’s a preschool Japanese boy’s fight anime with the message of never giving up and friendship is the greatest power of all.

I knew the reset button was going to be hit and TBH given how very few of the fighters from the other universe were portrayed as evil having them stay erased would have been a real bummer. Even Jiren was sympathetic in the end.

The series introduced a lot of great characters that I’ll be happy to see show up again… and in some cases a spin-off would not be unwelcome. Beerus v. Food or something where he tours the universes looking for tasty treats. Ribrianne’s The Bachelorette. And there was some character growth for all of our DBZ favorites… who aren’t named Son Goku.

In the end, I don’t feel as if I wasted my time watching the show.

8 Final Flashes out of 10

Meeples 097 says:

Goku and his asspulls XD

Xenoverse Gamer says:

Some phony Toei animation blocked all episodes

KingDev 19 says:

Waiting for someone to find the onions

Patrick Henry says:

Remember, because of Buu falling asleep we got Frieza! Man, think half glass full instead of Buu eating at the end, he doesn't deserve it coz made Universe 7 short one person? Come on, man!

Manuel Aguilar says:

Cant believe you dont have commin sence

Brian Ronquilio says:

I thought frieza was going to destroy earth

Cody Knight says:

Kaggy and everyone else freaked out most of the episodes, but Ndukauba was calm the whole time

Giovanni Arohsiri says:

Restore all the universes that were erased. including some not known yet until the movie showcases it

Gokufan Gamerteam says:

What’s the timer for because I have no idea???

ady ivanceanu says:

So that's why they didn't allow kiling they fucking knew the universes will be brought back

Johnnyxmonkey says:

What music is this

Mr FlameNeverending says:

If you think about it, everyone won.

SeboTrzyDe3D says:

Oh no, they are not going to end Dragon Ball just yet. It will definitely return at some point. It might not be called "Dragon Ball Super" But it will return for sure and yes, i'm talking AFTER the movie.

millgiass says:

Dragon Ball won't be back til April of 2019 at the bare minimum. It might be a new series that goes beyond Z. So I expect Kid Pan and Bula and Teen Trunks & Goten.

Nigel Joseph says:


CaptainTruth says:

Super couldnt have ended any lamer. The predictable happily ever after ending was trash. They could of at THE VERY LEAST set up something to make people excited about the upcoming movie. This whole arc was a giant wast of time. All the bad stuff people say about Super is sadly true. Super will go down as the worst iteration of Dragon Ball to date … YA I SAID IT!

Samurai Donkey says:

I now proclaim Episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super THE GREATEST POSSIBLE ENDING EVER

Wild Saiyan Will says:

there is more tho. Frieza is repowering his army. Did he forget to put it in the episode or did he not see it at all?

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