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The Tournament of Power has FINALLY concluded in Dragon Ball Super episode 131 and maaaan…. it was pretty bittersweet! Lets talk about it one last time (for now that is)


Intro made by Opunu
Intro Song made by Escoppo


ShiniDragon777 says:

This episode was SOOOO much better than the last episode, the underlying message that this common goal to defend the universe brings even enemies together was just so good. Freiza wasn't ruined as an evil character and still had some very noble moments, i'm extremely happy U6 was revived since Kefla/Caulifla are my favourite characters. Great episode all around, one of the best Dragon Ball episodes ever imo

GSS's Controller says:

did anyone else hear that dbs isnt ending, because the movie is going to reveal more than dbs will go to 700 EPISODES!
Akira Toryama confirmed

SonicEX says:

Jiren is not the only one that pulls power out of his ass. Goku was downed like two or three times, vegeta kept going past being beaten. So jiren doing it was normal in terms of dragon ball. Think about super Saipan drains stamina right so how does goku use it at all in his first fight against frieza. Goku was basically dead and then boom he fights for another 2 hours

ROCKY Parra says:

Dang yeah see rhyme taking the w in the background gameplay okay user you

Robert Thomas says:

What happened to something terrible will happen? It had to be the other 6 universes being brought back, or frieza being resurrected.

Brother Bootz Boots says:

"Power Levels" you finish it.

Roronoa Zoro says:

No one called the ending of the tournament. You maybe predicted everyone was gonna get wished back but I was the only person that I know that predicted that 17 was going to be the one to make the wish to bring everyone back.

Kenta A. says:

Also he (17) wished for ALL universes to come back, INCLUDING the ones distroyed by zeno in his mini rampage. There are now 18 total universes

Kenta A. says:

Whis is an ANGEL if he couldnt have revived someone his name would be stupid if u think about it

Luis Limon says:

Geekdom saying that 17 and Freeza fighting Jiren doesn’t make sense is pretty weird lol. Jiren is literally depleted to almost nothing. Him being impressive to Hit and Goku literally has nothing to do with now lol

Jasen Minus says:

Gotta say I just mostly disagree with you guys lol.

flame reaper says:

wait what if whis just held the dragon balls inside his staff like he did with the ramen

Joshclassof07 says:

Well they did say frieza will play and role in the new movie so it makes since that he’s alive Nd with a new army

Sketchizard Z says:

Geekdom is a hypocrite who went on a blocking tantrum yesterday for being called out on his childish bullshit.

Adrian Castillo says:

Yo rhyme geek forgot that even if frieza goes to namek how is he going to wish for immortalilty when he has to speak namekian and he doesnt know the password or how to.

Carlos Lopez says:

So no one is gonna talk about 17 saying "restore all universes that were erased" which could also include the original universes, because he didn't imply just from the tournament of power

Meeples 097 says:

Goku was glitching in to Super Saiyan

Kyle Wardlow says:

i wonder if Frieza is gonna show up in the movie or help Goku.

Margarita Aguilar says:

15:04 I slapped my tablet and broke it, not because I liked the vid… it's because R.I.P super

Jordan Rhodes says:

Frieza's situation was different because his body was right there due to him coming back for the tournament. I doubt Whis can bring someone back who was just killed if their body is all fucked up.

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