THE LAST EPISODE OF Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview

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FRIEZA AND 17 vs JIREN as ANDROID 17 IS ALIVE! It is the LAST EPISODE of Dragon Ball Super. Who will win between Universe 7 vs Universe 11? Can Universe 7 beat Jiren? Who will get the wish? Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Predictions!



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Roberto Blake says:

Philosophy of Goku and Jiren was probably the best video you’ve ever done. Even with DBS temporarily ending… more videos like that will keep the Geek Army strong.

starlight gaming!!!! says:

So many of these, but yet not one danm REAL DBS FULL ENGLISH VID??!?!?!?

Macon A. Fortune says:

What a breathtaking ending.. I think it's so cool what they did with #17 in Super and the combination of Goku & Freezer vs. Jiren was just really amazing!

Also, Freezer's going to invade another universe. Probably U6 to kill the saiyans there or something like that. I'm calling it right now!

KyuubiLEW says:

@Geekdom101 i knew it. zeno never intended to really erased the universe. proof in episode 131 i was right !!!

Amory James says:

THIS IS JUST A THEORY – So android 17 wish was to restore ALL the erased universes, he didn’t specially say all the universes that were erased during the tournament and there were originally 18 universe so the super dragon balls could have brung back all 18 universes and the new saiyan from the movie could be a saiyan from one of the erased universe that was restored just a theory( and just because they didn’t show the other 6 universe getting restored doesn’t mean it didn’t happen they could be saving that for the movie and didn’t want to spoil anything).

John Conger says:

Goku and frieza rush jiren off stage. 17 wins and wishes for everything back. Just watched.

Chris The Saiyan says:

I just watched the full episode and it was lit

Christian Holt says:

It's too comedic

Christian Holt says:

The last screenshot of the faces is definitely satire…

francisco herrera says:

Let me give you some advice dude,

if your afraid that your channel might die then it's probably time for you to do some other anime videos.

joeyzero100 says:

The wish will be destuction of all pure god ki users. Includes Zeno…..

Alex The Geo knight Rider says:


Juber Ahmed says:

I love Dragon Ball

JTHeller1 says:

i hope they change jirens voice in super's english dub cause i hate jirens voice in xenoverse 2

Maria Marquez says:

Your vídeo are the best they tell the truth about dbs

Lightning says:

… unless they pull the biggest troll and continue the series with episode 132 in which they conclude the tournament once and for all…

classfourgaming says:

Gokus going to die

Steven Nettles says:

Goku going to wish for more wishes lol

TheFluffyNeko says:

I really hope they wait skip the release this week and wait til april fools, have it air the first 6-7 min and then put a fake error, for like 2 min then finish the rest of it XD (though we would lose 2 min off the episode time, i think it would be amazing.

Edit: Or release an episode where goku gets killed then it cuts to him bolting awake, and the rest of the episode reveals that he's just a regular human with no fighting skills or powers, voiding the entire series until the end of the episode shows some kind of cheeky msg to let you know it was an april fools joke

Edit again: or at the very least air an un announced episode on april fools and the end put a msg saying do to infighting between shareholders,new episodes of dragon ball can no longer be aired, and the series is at an end

Bharath Krishnamurthy says:

I don’t think frieza will sacrifice himself, he’s more of a badass person

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