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Today we take on the new LR Super Gogeta Boss Event here on DBZ Dokkan Battle! Sub today and join the #NanoFam 😀
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vegetto blue says:

What's with this sick music?

itachi hibachi says:

Can someone explain how he gets a super attack off every turn?

Scooby SNX says:

I love my lr gogeta he's going to carry me for the rest of the game in my opinion

EternalGalaxy says:

Saving my stones for android 21

Braxton Player says:

Hey I need help downloading my db game

DragonBallWarrior says:

My brother pulled me lr gogeta on a single

Nate Jones says:

I haven't pulled the new LRs yet but I did get the Lr Ssj3 goku on the ticket summons. Your my good luck man

goku ultra instinct says:

#Nanonotifiacationsquad from your biggest fan

weoo says:

I got gogeta on my second multi on the banner. Are the rates that high? Ive never pulled an lr too.

Donzilla The God says:

I have both lr gogeta and vegito being free to play isn't dead yet guys have hope 😂😂😭😀

Mephlis Boi says:

I pulled LR Gogeta and LR Goku!!! Pulls on my channel comment if you pulled him as well

Jakobe says:

pulled LR Vegito and got him up to TUR only at rank 101 lol

Richy Gomez says:

I need so much help with this banner

Joel says:

Nano Do A Live stream for of gogeta and Mr vegito with like 3k to 5k stones to pull the or with dupes and some features cards animated muscle and datruthdt have a lr vegito 100% and animated has a 100% or gogeta and datruth has a dupe or two so go ham plss

TheBeatBoy says:

I only got Lr Vegito but I'm still happy

Silent Bass says:

What's the background music

aizen lives says:

Hey nano I can't seem to beat this event any advice

cinoSonic says:

Any idea when they will come to gloabal?

Martin Area909 says:

I pulled the lr Vegito but I did both events and thought they were a little easy for lr Dokkan events

melt bs16 says:

Morning brudda, your baby here! Congratulations to you and Brianna my G

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