The New Saiyan Villain’s Identity – Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Theory

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The New Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie reveals what I believe is the very First ever Saiyan
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Tyler Paynter says:

Cool ad -__-

king jay says:

He's probably the first super sayin god because shenron even said himself that there was a super sayin god in battle of gods but he couldn't bring him there where goku was its a possibility the he could of been in the previous universe That was erased before the tournament of power

stevena strikefreedom says:

What if the wish to bring back all the erase universe, bring the strongest saiyan from the future of another time line. Maybe the meaning behind this saiyan origin means he is from the future and in search of the strongest saiyan that was record in history {Goku} to challenge him? Origin of Goku facing a unknown saiyan from the future. This would make sense why he is that strong, and maybe have some mix of different blood line power.

It would be the reason no one knows about him, is because he is not from this time line of the future XD it would be great if they make something like that.

alexx campos says:

how much time passed ? where's uub ?

Suga Smacks says:

Other universes erased (13-18) Pretty sure this new saiyan is a guy from an older/erased universe, a different kind of saiyan from a different universe (Hence the gold eyes) who decides "Oh, this goku guy brought all of us back. im curious how strong he is." I doubt it's yamoshi but i could be wrong. Just makes more sense that it's an older universes saiyan. A lot of differences.

Xlll BLADEZ says:

I jusy want broly to be cannon

109Ichigo says:

Frieza is REALLY bad at genocide.

falsehero2001 says:

I know you made this before episode 131 came out, but I think that episode might tell us who he is. SPOILERS

In the DBS finale, Seventeen wishes back "All the universes that were erased." Notice the wording. He doesn't say "All the universes that were erased in the tournament." He said "All the universes that were erased." If you remember, there were originally eighteen universes, but by the time time Super takes place, six of them had been erased. Meaning that wishing back "All the universes that were erased" might not only bring back the eleven that were erased during the tournament, but the other six as well. So, here's my theory: this new saiyan comes from one of the six previously unseen erased universes.

Slamscape says:

the first SSJ God has two large bangs in front of his face just like this character

Joomer Lomas says:

Dude you have got it all wrong. It’s the farmer from Dragon Ball Z that Raditz fought. But the Farmer want’s revenge. Dude it’s the Farmer that had a power level of 5.

Jorge Martinez says:

Frieza has god ki ? Don’t he

BDSP 123 says:

Super ssiyan Mr. Satan


My theory:

This Saiyan is inhabitant of one of universes 13-18. As those universes were erased long time ago, his age is long time ago. He knew about every other universes, but he got along with one universe more than others: universe 7.

What he liked about universe 7 was that U7 also had Saiyans. He had a rival in U7, Yamoshi. Yamoshi and this Saiyan were both goods. They weren’t only rivals, they were friends. Everything seemed good…

One day, Yamoshi noticed that his universe’s saiyans were becoming more and more evil. And so, he called the Saiyan, as well as 4 others to do a ritual to become a Super Saiyan God. After that, the Saiyan left, leaving the fight to Yamoshi. Some time later, after returning to his universe, he found out Yamoshi had been killed by the U7 saiyans. The Saiyan was devastated.

The Saiyan got into an intense trauma. He got an incredible anger. His anger became his power, becoming incredibly strong. He swore to get revenge on U7 saiyans, but before being able to do it, Zen-Oh erased that universe.

Now that 17 revived all erased universes, this wish included this saiyan’s universe. Now that he’s alive, he found out of the remaining saiyans of U7: Goku and the rest.

And finally, he will go to earth and kill the saiyans with his unmeasurable rage, for what they did to Yamoshi.

Like my theory?

1337wafflezz says:

ANOTHER saiyan villain? Sheesh dude. They're coming out of the fucking woodwork for being AN EXTINCT RACE.

Come one Toriyama…make a different fucking race jeez. Not every super powerful character needs to be a fucking saiyan

Ballaific Slim says:

has Beerus been sleeping again, he better get back to training;da super sayian god is coming

Chase Harney says:

Goku can’t go ui at the end of super

robot bolbi says:

Its the same stance from when goku vs vegeta and kinda at the same place

Lou Pinkracelink says:

There’s no more ui 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

eternallegacy89 says:

Oozaru Ultra Instinct with Kaioken x 20! Imagine that 😀

I Don't care says:

To me it looks like that orange fox from universe 6… 😂

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