THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: “Vegito” Gameplay

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THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: “Vegito” Gameplay
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Super says:

***Looks like youtube fucked up my video and only shows 360p sorry for that guys 🙁
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Shanon Morris says:

That last guy was a mad man.

Driftadc says:

Fused zamasu isn't immortal… why does everyone get this wrong……………….trunks wouldn't have KILLED HIM IF HE WAS IMMORTAL……………

Critical Edition says:

Technically Current Blue Goku would stomp Vegito Blue

Jaded says:

damnnn 21:2821:38

gik. says:

Lol, what a joke of game😂 this game is for kids man, mkx is way better

Carleto Mcghee says:

How yall think a Full power broly vs fused Z would be🤔

Glorious S says:

I really really hate vegito. He was cool at the start but that fuckin auto combo is ridiculous it's fucked

Kyle Vorster says:

Why is this vid's max quality 360p ??

Tolgahan Saffak says:

Like you said Beerus can hakai and Goku could do that too in the manga and vegito is stronger than Beerus

Kai Carter says:

wait u didn't know that beer us and Android 16 has a instant death

Chris Zeledon says:

Face reveal 500k ???

ZeNos Beats says:

the video quality is problem

Johnny Davis says:

I think Vegito is really on par wit beerus strength wise

Gurek Ninjowski says:

what is the song after goku black theme ?

Juan Carlos says:

I never noticed it was in 360p till I read the comments 💀 , I was too focused on the matches , the last set was od

When she does it perfect says:

It goes like this
Beerus>>>Vegito>=Zamasu. Zamasu only lasted because the fight dragged on and Vegito used up unnecessary power.

QuavoSantana says:

Why is it only 360p….

Elio Marinez says:

Crazy damage😂😂

The New Guy says:

360p squad

Where you at?

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