Top 10 People Who Could Be Real Life – Dragon Ball Z – Characters

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Top 10 People Who Could Be Real Life – Dragon Ball Z – Characters

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FireStar4fun says:

Voice Actors Of One Piece [ Japanese ] –

Dragon Ball Super – Behind The Real Voice By Funimation –

Roblox Gamer says:


Roblox Gamer says:

3:23 not even close

Roblox Gamer says:

2:06 isn't that the actor in the movie Titanic

flofly999 says:

videl has blue eyes, the pope does not look like picolo and who looks like a freezer?

Guillaume Darnault says:

3'53 Unknown ??? Really ? Pierre Luigi Collina

amien Sobari says:

Wah mirip banget wajahnya memang KEREEENNN…

why u bully me says:

Leonardo DiCaprio Capro is too old for trunks

Otaku X Gamer 909 says:

I could definetley see #7

MC M says:

dramatic quality

Jose Perez says:

Hold up jet li can't be Yamaha more like gohan

Cristian Ginnetty says:

Majin buu bazoka

Cristian Ginnetty says:

Aaaa mato al viejo

Cristian Ginnetty says:

Samas es re groso mato al viejo jajajajajajaja

JDiamond FTW says:

Videl and 18 are most accurate

JDiamond FTW says:

Names wrong

von braun werner says:

Sergent metallic = Arnie was deliberate and acknowledged by toriyama. Dragon Ball & terminator = mid'80's, both.

More generally, half your list is pretty good (the other half is evidently a joke)

Vin Diesel as Tien is excellent. Same for Jet Li as Yamcha, and Hulk hogan as Master Roshi. Olivia Wilde = android 18 : very clever. Blonde, blue eyes, sexy as hell. Perfect.

Seriously, Hulk Hogan, Jet Li and Vin Disel in the same movie – with or without Dragon Ball, it would be awesome.

how about the Tyrion Lannister actor to play Krillin ? At least he is the right size for the role.

Jack Black as Yajirobe = pure gold.

Epic Eaglez says:

At maijin buu, plz help me

Noguerita says:

El 8 jajajajajajajaja

Shivam Shagal says:

Selena doesn't look like Videl at all

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