Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Heroes Characters (2018)

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Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Heroes Characters (2018)


SovietHusky says:

40k!!!!!!!!! HuskyLove👍

Prabagaran Kannan says:

Stupid prediction . Goku MUI much stronger than all other power. Please watch dbs again . Even god respect MUI . Ur rating is useless .

Victor San roman says:

Ok this a a little too too slow……

VastDrell122 says:

I still don't know the reason why MUI is far stronger than vegito blue, and in this video, why are the angels not here

Preveshan Moodley says:

Gogeta : boi I’m second

Vegito : bitch please

Aaftab Khan says:

Chutiya h tu saale mui goku is more powerful and gogeta is more powerful than vegito

matteo diamanti says:

Non c'Ăš mai vegeta

Chris P. Bacon says:

wheres beat

Sami Kallas says:

1st is zeno 2nd is grand priest 3rd Angels like whis fourth mui goku 5 jiren

D W says:

Normal r stronger then xeno

funtime buttercup says:

falls from chair seeing that vegito is first and. Thinks* i mean gogeta played around sometimes ._. BUT IN THE BROLY MOVIE U KNOW THEIR aint

Andrew Gray says:

I agree with this list

rey and rayan games says:

What about zeno grand priest or whis is stronger than mastered ultra and vegito ssjb

Thiện TĂąm LĂȘ says:

How about zeno sama!

papa johns says:

Look at the new trailer for dragon Ball heroes UI vs cumber

Saifullah Chandio says:

Mui is more power full than vegitto

Adil Usman says:

Lol mui is powerful than vegeto and gogeto

fartblast 312 says:

Some werent even dragon ball more of fan mede

Midoras Diabano says:

Needs an update with cumber and fu

Fortnite news911 says:

Beerus is the strongest

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