Top 5 Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Let’s Discuss the Best Characters using Date from the recent Tournament Majors! When it’s All or Nothing with Money on the Line, which Characters are Best for Stealing the Win??
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TrueUnderDawgGaming says:

Can this Video reach 600 Likes??
What does Your Top 5 List look like?? Post in the Comments!
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Cam Lepkowski says:

i’m sorry but bardock’s assist is actually extremely useful in-game. 6M’s convert so easily off this assist. simple combo extensions to get 10% more damage is fairly useful in my opinion and in the combo extension it’s fairly easy to do, just simple timing. also, i’ve seen people use it after blocked supedashes, simple gimmick but works effectively. and also, it can be used just fine in the neutral. bardock is the best character in the game in my opinion. his assist does not hinder him, his neutral is god-like, his damage is stupid, his combos are easy and his bnb’s can be TOD’s off an 5M-234L spark starter.

Alec Jordan says:

Then why didnt you put Hit are number one, i mean sonicfox killing people with him

Cobalt says:

no one plays trunks. he sucks?

KamèStyle says:

Honestly I see more kid buu than gohan. Literally all japanese players have kid buu on their team. Kazunoko, dogura, kaimart, and even go1 picked up kid buu now

berserkchip says:

Nah Vegito is the new hotness.

CarlitosCarlos2475 says:

I still fuck with Bluegeta

Unknown Gamer says:

Before I watch this imma take a guess…
Adult Gohan
Ssj Vegeta and
Kid Buu

Terioth says:

Hey, little spelling mistake in the thumbnail

Oda93 says:

My top 5 will be

i dont think vegeta is that good (he still is really good but not top5), i think kid buu is overall better.

Temperance says:

Since when is Bardock assist mediocre LMAO
It’s mad fast, goes half screen, good for mixups (due to how fast it is and the push can lead to some side switch mix), and for combos (rejumps/dragon rush extensions)

Irvin Morales says:

Rebellion Spear, enough said.

Seath says:

2:13 uGH…. NO LMAO. Android 16 is arguably the best anchor in the game due to how good is neutral is and how strong is lvl 3 oki is. Bardock's neutral isn't as free without an assist, but has a better lvl 3 oki. That being said, he's still no where near the neutral beast 16 is. His 5s, Js, 5l, 2l, 5m, 5h, J5h, and command grabs make him a good solo threat, vs bardock..who's just gonna hope to throw out an auto combo or rebellion spear and get a hit.

Rob Hill says:

Gotenks is popular becasue of……


seanwuzhere12 says:

Why people like playing Bardock is because he’s broken. Like not just cheap but literally broken. He’s able to do things that don’t make sense, like the last time I faced one he missed his stupid spinning attack and while in mid air spinning I teleported and he was able to block while mid move and still in the air. That’s not even everything, there’s more than that but need I say more?

Isai Chavarria says:

Lmao cell still good man cell never fell off the pros fell off 😂😂😂😂

SkyChief 12 says:

Do you stream?

Open Mynd says:

In order..

4. Goku Black

As far as mix ups..these 5 characters have the best mix up game of all the characters and moderately powerful level 3s..

SSJ VEGETA is probably the best assist in the game…its a wall that allows u to have your way with your opponent

JMore Jump _orce says:

i got in my team ultimate gohan , gotenks and goku ssj1 , gohan as a starter for the corner loop at the beginning of the fight in level 0 is easier imo , gotenks is great and goku is easy and fluent

somebody oncetoldme says:

Its kinda annoying since I've been playing gotenks since day one cause I just love his character but everyone always assumes im only using him because hes top tier.

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