Tournament of Power Finale + THE GRAND WISH!: Dragonball Super Episode 131 Review

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What was YOUR favorite arc in the Dragonball Super anime thus far? What are your expectation for the movie?

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Derrick Carthan says:

I love that manga

Iwillone says:

A lot more into this than 130. Frieza and Goku working together was an epic moment as the villain and hero working together trope never fades. The universes being wished back at the end is a DB revive everyone predictable outcome so whatever but trying to save face on Zeno's character was crap for making this entire arc almost worthless.

Kenshin Kaguchiha says:

bulma was the one who hooked 17 up with the boat dont u see the capsule corp logo on the boat

VY Canis Majoris says:

Can you review One Punch Man or Boku no Hero Academia chapters? Pretty please you have like a thousand different videos made about one piece and every single different fruit and it would be nice if you branched out a little bit

Vitor Almenara says:

I'm not pissed, just disappointed.
Dragon Ball Super, I feel, for everyone was just a checklist thing. Because everybody saw it as kids, me included, and was on board with some good DBS official action. But to say that people expected some major anime of the year magic to happen would be a stretch.

Just that. A checklist. And we just crossed DBS.
I'm just disappointed that they wasted some good ass material I didn't expect them to use.

foxfax2 says:

Dragonball: Friendship Is Magic!

Fazza Gluttony says:

Dragon Ball Super anime has bad writing and broken scaling but the manga is pretty good

dragon ball talk says:

giggity giggity giggity giggity giggity giggity

TheXBladeist says:

I'm fine with it tbh.

Salman Khan says:

If you watch DBZ and DBS for the amazing story, serious character development, and no ass pulls, then you're doing it wrong.

Lyoko is Great says:

Frost was brought back too he is off frame if you go back a few seconds you will see him standing there too

Purgatory Ban the Undead says:

He was brought back then erased again😂

yodagetshigh says:

this is a random rant but how would ssj 3 work for someone like raditz? his hair would be insanely long ffs this is one reason i dont really like the design of it because it doesnt work for everyone i think it should of stopped at 2 and ssj "4" shouldnt be categorized as a ssj. it should be ss oozaru or something and you should have to completely master ssj 2 and golden oozaru not just get lucky because pan pops up in your face and then that should be the 3rd transformation AND in my opinion vegeta getting UI is stupid and makes no sense and isnt true to the character at all i feel he should be the one to obtain this transformation because he should have his fucking tail ffs and then after obtaining sso he combines it with ssb going blue oozaru making it ssbo or something like that in order to be on the same level as ui and all gohan needs to do is train for a couple years he doesnt need any transformation

Tharppedo says:

I wonder if 17 accidentally revived Zamasu with his wish. If he revived the other 6 universes there is no reason future U6 wouldn't be erased.

Purgatory Ban the Undead says:

Don’t forget Bleach 2: Clorox!


Who captioned the image of the battle setting between goku n vegeta?
It is the exact spot and scene of their first ever fight in dragon ball. There is a big hint there

uolou da owl says:

what gives you the idea that the antagonist on the dbs movie is a god of destruction? that's definitely a saiyan battle outfit

Edwin Castillo says:

This is bullshit! Fuck super! They could've kept Vegeta in there instead of 17. He's no MVP, he's not even the main cast. Vegeta should've got the wish and honor to revive all the universe's. Vegeta did more than Freeza and 17 combined.

Josh White says:

I loved this episode, first one I actually was jumping up and down. However I have some food for thought. 2 things, the high priest asked pretty please. I thought this was interesting then the Zenos stood up for the summoning and o lost my f@@king mind. Whis says the high priest at one of the top 5 so let's make a list. Zeno, High Priest, Super Dragon and whomever "cough" Namekian God are they given 4 of the 5. Then the 5th has to be the Super Saiyan God. Now follow me here. We've seen 2 separate "legendary" saiyans. The myth of the Super Saiyan God suggests it took 6 saiyans to destroy him/her but what if they didn't destroy him. What if they only separated him from his power. What if there are more legendary saiyans and their power are only fragments of the SSG's total power and there are more out there. What if the wish to bring back all the universe's included the 6 that were already destroyed. What if they were destroyed to prevent the resurrection of the SSG. What if the tournament was a calculated risk to find enough powerful fighters to actually destroy the SSG. WTF did I just do? What if they top 5 that were mentioned aren't allowed to use the SDB to kill on of the other supreme beings. That would explain the tournament. It explains why they were used to grant a wish. Zeno was prepared to erase everything. Being virtuous has to be immensely valuable to them for some reason. Why? If the tournament was only 40 mins why 40 mins. Is that the limit they can turn back time and avoid the tournament at all by calling it off. Would they have kept rewinding until they got the result they were looking for. Someone help me!!!!! This was way too long sorry guys.

ulaseese71 says:

I liked all the arcs

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