Ultra Instinct Goku Eliminates Kefla | Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 English Sub

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Ultra Instinct Goku Eliminates Kefla | Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 English Sub

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NinjaCon says:

to be honest they should have let kale fight goku alone, with her getting,control of her lssj she would have gone berserker mode and broke through his ultra-extinct form.
drained out whatever stamina and ki left and he would have lost right on the spot.

WatchOutForTheCameleons says:

he totally came in her face with that kamehameha shot

Billy Bobblesmith says:

Kefla heard the music start.

Playstation,Gamer Anime,Fanatic says:

I don’t think anyone has been oooofed harder then these bitches

Yahlaa Bra says:

03:04 it was at this moment kefla knew she fucked up xD

Nintendude 1216 says:

When you hear the UI theme, you know shit’s gonna go down.

Sage Willis says:


Juan Nieves Astacio says:

Can't dodge in mid-air, but can fly.

MrAustin GT says:

Never Gets Old and BEST EPISODE EVER

death483 says:

That Kamehameha beam was one of the best hands down. Majestic asf

death483 says:

Fucking classic!
Pardon my French

Kal-El fan 49 says:

Fusions are so OP in Dragon Ball, and I love it.

Hippity Hoppity Women are Property says:

Good, those bitches deserved to get rekt for descending on Goku like vultures, asspulling so much and wasting many episodes. Now theyre gone for good. God bless…

Amin Firdaus says:

what if klefa fight with vegito

Radhika S says:

this is a AWSOME match

Radhika S says:

Who is Enjoined this Match

Tarian Wright says:

3:07 i know whats going to happen and cringe everytime ewww nasty

tae niskey says:

Still the sickest episode in super imo

Bobby Thompson says:

Kefla= Kaio-Ken? no

Dragon Ball TV says:

My friend died 2 months ago.
His favourite character was Vegeta.
He was really loking forward to se how the dbs tournament would end.
I 'm so sad 🙁 .

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