Vegeta Defeats Toppo God Form Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power | DBS Episode 126-127 Spoilers

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Vegeta Defeats Toppo God Form Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power | DBS Episode 126-127 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126-127 hints towards Vegeta defeating Toppo God of Destruction form and moving onto the battle with Jiren afterwards. Will Vegeta defeat Toppo indefinetly? Is his new Maxed Ultra Super Saiyan Blue Power enough? Vegeta VS Toppo in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power! Subscribe!


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Terrance Johnson says:

If yall watch dragon ball… You know the more sayians fight the stronger they get… Thank about it all they do is train…. In they come back stronger

Iron Wolf Man says:

Why the fuck did you title your vid with the fucking spoiler? Ruining it man 🤬

Chan Anderson says:

Super Saiyan Paul,is that dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team? how do download that data that super saiyan blue plz tell me im playing that too^^

crimsonwolfFin says:

So they decided to make all other universes trash…

Seiya Pegasus Saint says:

UnrealENT: "What's the point of giving him destruction powers if you're not gonna do anything with him?"

Psssst~ UnrealENT~ It's called marketing~

And no this isn't an insult to UnrealENT, just pointing out Super's shitty story telling is all because Toei's gotta make money. And this is the only way to do it. Make new forms so they can be reproduced in card games (I.E. Dragon Ball Heroes/DBS Card Game/Dokkan Battle) possible DB games and the like.

Damien Smith says:

If it was naruto every fighter would’ve been given a backstory so think about how it could’ve been too😂😂

Jordan Lane says:

So what are the spoilers then? and there is nothing that states Vegeta eliminates Toppo…..just because someones name isnt in the spoiler leak doesnt mean they are eliminated….

geoff101001 says:

LOL you all fanboying 17 so hard. character is boring and frieza needs much more of a part in this

Alex Bates says:

yall sume haters goku d rider

Goku Ultra instinct says:

I want universe 6 back hit man

Lost Fon3 says:

Okay so what I think is going to happen vegeta is going knock out toppo then when then vegeta is going to go full power with goku and they will win that is how I think is going to happen

The Ultimate sorcerer -_- says:

saiyans are way better then earthlings

PrecursorOrb says:

They should of gave topo this form alot sooner…

Charles Johnson says:

I'm here paul love you😘

MLGSSJ says:

Yes Vegeta-sama

TAT inc. says:

Hail king Vegeta believe the hype

limit breaker blue vegeta says:

I hope they eliminate universe 11 and it could be over

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