Vegeta VS Goku Black Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 (English Sub)

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Vegeta VS Goku Black

Vegeta VS Goku Black

Vegeta Vs Goku Black amazing fight in Dragon Ball Super Episode 63.

After a surprise attack full of energy Vegeta hits Goku Black, causing great impression by the difference of power. Goku Black is tremendously dominated by Vegeta, so Zamasu intervenes in a cowardly manner attacking Vegeta in the back, giving Goku Black enough time to recover from Vegeta’s untimely attack. However Goku comes between Zamasu’s punches, giving a hard attack by throwing Zamasu through the air and ending up buried inside a large crater in the ground.

While Vegeta demonstrates why only the true Saiyans are able to use the cells given by their nature, making fun of the fact that Goku Black is an empty vessel and therefore unable to control the power of Goku’s essence naturally and authentic

Vegeta VS Goku Black (Rematch)

Who once was overwhelmed by the incredible strength and speed of Goku Black, Vegeta is now strengthened and his powers have tripled in such a way that he has the capacity and energy to defeat even a God. The pride of the Sayayin race runs through the veins of the virtuous warrior, who once again demonstrates why he is considered the prince of the Saiyans.


SSJ Gin says:

If you want the English dub of this fight click here:

Skitty says:

Everyone sounds like theyre fuzed

Meister Meme says:

The one moment Goku Black experienced actual pain.

Wattz & Learn says:

Anyone else still get goosebumps watching this?

M1LL10N3R3 says:

i swear this brings me proud-tears into my eyes! to a grown 29 year old eyes! This is legendary.

Detway dre says:

I don't feel so good Mr. Vegeta…… Fades

Luskas ;-;/;-; says:


M. Ultra Instinct Vegito says:

Why there's so much difference in strength?


YOU DON'T EAT vegetaBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arale Norimaki says:

0:11 Goku is on the left and Vegeta on the right and then 0:12 it's the other way around x)

D says:

I kid you not, I watch this clip at least 10 times a week, just for the sound alone

ochinchin sama says:

boy o boy that episode was lit back then

Anime Police - God says:

Dragon Ball Super's animation sucks

mMMM Explain this sweetie

hipolito espinoza jr says:

This was better than English I can honestly say it it had full potential

Brendon Pascua says:


Joser Boi says:

I wish they would have let Vegeta kill Goku Black

Zeno Sama says:

Don’t shoot him he’s not black

Derick Brown says:

And then he gets bodied 😂😂😂

Zamasu - Humanhater says:

Still too weak. 🙂

Young Rich says:

Goku beating the SHIT out Zamasu @1:09 is one of the hardest scenes

Steffan Blanco says:

“Tell me, does a god like yourself ever experience fear?”

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