Whis Reveals why Zeno Erased 6 Universes English Dub

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Hàvè a Ñíçè Dåy ÅHÈÀD,


shadow king13 says:

Why? Why?! Why do they have to make the food on this show look incredibly delicious?? Come on it’s unfair to those of us who watch on empty stomachs

Ultra DDD says:


Kamiyouni says:

Sheesh, the pacing in this dialogue is eyugh

iceguy93 says:

Man Vegeta looks so happy when he is eating.

Zomb Player says:

because he likes the number 12.

CitruSaurus says:

This dub brings me so much joy.

One of the few things that do

Jay Almerol says:

English DUB is so BAD!

Clbull118 says:

I wonder how they're gonna do the Zen-chan thing in the English dub.

Poweredbygamers says:

What if instead of twin universes, they were originally triplet universes, and Universe 6 and 7's third twin was where Dragonball GT is cannon?

Dyllon Freeman says:

How did Ichiraku’s ramen end up in DBS ffs

Itachi Uchiha says:

Really love whis’ dub voice

Corban Blake says:

That's my size of Ramen. If it exits and someone has a link to buy some…. please reply with a link.

joey kill says:

Did he just pulled that lettuce out of his ass

TheAerialRave says:

English dub……
I'll borrow a quote from Todd Flanders.
"Ow!! My freaking ears!!"

Jaimoss says:

Five minutes of torture

Darkknightwing04 says:

Cat likes food yah yah yah

Jaye3rd89 says:

That's is like talking to the CEO of your workplace and not even know it.

Monterio Bruce says:

That's settles it you ARE an idiot… Vegetas reaction to all of goku's stupidity is awesome

Thutmosis7 says:

I think Zalama is above Zeno.

Michael Scott says:

"Whaaat? That's silly. How could I put the whole universe in danger?"

Simple. By being a fight-happy dumbass with no situational awareness. All these years and his character hasn't changed–if anything, it's regressed.

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