YAMCHA DOMINATES WITH A SICK COMBO! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: Random Character Select

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YAMCHA DOMINATES WITH A SICK COMBO! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: Random Character Select
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Super says:

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big pepe69 says:

The thumbnail is gohan you uncultured swine

nokapp says:

The kicks match up with the song lmfao

WardenStandTall says:

Super: Stop it please
Bardock: Why?

Major Maxor says:

More cell games team pleaaaaaase!!!

Marcelo Munhoz da Rocha says:

Man, you really are good with Giniu.

deion burnett says:

Base goku, krillen, and yamcha team?????

io says:

Best DBFZ series on YouTube right now in my opinion keep up the good stuff!

Luis Escamilla says:

keep playing these low ranked squares bro you’re reactions to when they go crazy 🤣🤣🤣 they always do it

DGROX10 says:

If u need a team 4 yamcha, do a turtle school team. Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin.

Narros Jefferson says:

how do you do that short hop over head move?

ira2581 says:

Bruh, I'm trying to pick up Black, Hit, and Vegeta blue. Dunno why I said that, but there you go, ladies and gents

Whoo Youu says:

I feel like I need to finally finish Dragonball to catch up on the lore before buying this game.

Iker Juarez says:

One body change pls :')

Major Lag says:

I was like number 420

Caramel Koala says:

Your second team used to be the team I used for the longest time

Jay Gamer1227 says:

Super my brother always tells me Everytime I say someone is good at this game he always says are u sure he's good or r u just bad lol

Joe Fitz says:

Agentzero is a 2k19 YouTuber..almost 1 million subs

Ale Big Dick says:

Random char. Vs green guys

Juan Carlos says:

Gotta give props to the first guy , he wasn't the best but his playstyle was far better than some of pink squares + ssg/ssb rank + 1000+ matches players

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